IMAC BOD Meeting Minutes–September 16, 2015

Posted by Samantha
Posted on 12/7/2015

Attendance: Mike Karnes, Charles Youngblood, Samantha McKinney, Phil Vance, Ron Graham, Doug Pilcher, Brad Davy, Rusty Fried, and Steve Sides.

Guest: Roy Barrow


Meeting in Session: 8:01 p.m. CST


New Website Advertising – Roy BarrowBOD meeting photo

Many members have been reporting issues or small improvements that need to be added.  Roy went over a few small changes with the BOD members.  Roy had a conference meeting with Hobbico.  They have been are largest advertisers.  The feedback from them has been very positive.  Roy has a follow-up meeting with them to show the advertising and positioning format.  One of the things done is trying to keep the advertising distinctive.  The primary goal is to be an informational site and they get more advertising for their money.  The only advertising on the home page is the middle level banner.  The small block ads rotate positions.   Each one of these ads are run-of-site ads.  These ads can run anywhere on the site where the small block ads are located.  Will be ran in the horizontal platform.  Each one of these ads generate $20 per month per ad.  This should be the most popular advertising size.  There are ads scattered throughout the site.   There are twin banner ad size.  They change every time they refresh.  This is a premium slot with a higher price tag.  There is also a second ad slot. Second post in every topic. There is only four limited subscriptions available for the premium slot.  The price for this ad is $75 per month, which is the highest price.  This is the most visited page.  These will sell out quickly.  Each region will have small ad slots.  The leaderboard slot and the second ad slot.  Maximum advertising on the region.  There is also slots available for contest pages, results page, and these will command a premium price.

There is an ad management system.  The advertisers can go to the advertising site.  They can see how their ads are doing, click-throughs, impressions, etc.  Advertisers will put together their own ads.  When you click on their ads, it links over to the advertiser’s website.   They have control of their ad, statistics and allows for geo-targeting areas.  The advertiser’s website will open up into a new window.  This site is currently not live.  It also allows the company to buy more advertising.  This is tied to our Paypal account.  These are subscriptions which renew each month.  They have to manually discontinue the ads.  The current ads are the standard, standard large rectangle, contest results, leaderboard, forum leaderboard, and login page leaderboard.   The contest results ad must have at least one of the prior ads, standard and standard large rectangle.  There are only 8 available.  This is easily manageable.  This will also be on the public page for members can refer.  All that has to be done is for an account to be setup and we have to approve the ads that are submitted for posting.  This can be fine tuned, add discounts, etc.  Good starting basis.  Doug is the point person on the advertising site to get people started.   We should be able to get them started with a $20 a month ad.  The main advantage is that it takes time off of Phil for having to bill people for their advertising.  Roy will work with Phil on running the different reports that are needed. There will be some that will not want to use Paypal, but we can invoice that through the Paypal account.  We can also run our own IMAC ads.  There might be some large contests that would want to promote their large events for a few months. 

We are using a small ad placement service, which is $4 per month cost.  At most will be $10 per month out-of-pocket.  We are trying to build volume.  Currently, Hobbico places 12 ads per month on our site.  Every year we need to revisit what our ads are.  The goal is to generate $10,000 a year, which will easily cover maintaining the site and money back into IMAC.  The hosting cost right now is $300 per month, $3,600 per year.

Roy is tossing around the idea of signing up with Google Ad Sense.  This will generate $50-100 per month.  Some content will be restricted. 

One question was the tax implications to the IMAC organization with selling ads.  The BOD decided to do some research and schedule a meeting later to discuss. 

The regional pages were rearranged.  There is currently edit icons besides the events and the event results area.  This allows the RD to edit and if you hit cancel, it will take you back from where you came back from.  For any history to edit or lookup, there will be an archive page available.  Roy has been moving over the last BOD meeting minutes, by-laws, etc.  The next things to bring on to the site is to separate the classifieds out of the forums.  Roy is currently working on a different program for the classifieds.  They are also looking at the contest system so we could possibly look at sanctioning contests.  Dave is getting close on the new score program, and will hopefully have it ready for when the site goes live.  The pilot listing for contests is only available to the BOD.  Then, the BOD can send the CD the file to import into the score system.  When registering for a contest, an email is sent to the CD and the pilot for confirmation.  The old forums are linked under the “Forums” tab. 


Sanctioning of Contests – Mike Karnes

Wayne forwarded to the BOD about sanctioning of contests.  We have been having issues of unknowns being requested by out-of-country contests.  Right now, there has been mentioned a minimum charge of $5-$10 per contest.  This fee would be charged to the contest.  Currently, there is only one member that requests the unknowns.  Mike has mentioned to Roy about having the international contests being listed on the website to where they would have their own event schedule, but there will be a charge for a request of the unknown.  The issue was raised that we reduced the amount of membership, but yet we are wanting to charge for the unknown request.  The reduction in membership price was due to the international events not participating in RPS points, so they don’t get the benefit of trophies, etc.  Roy had the idea that current IMAC members are supposed to receive a discount when registering at a contest, which most contests do not do.  If the contest does not offer the discount, then they will be charged a minimum fee. Mike had the question on how this would be enforced.  The ones who benefit from this is the non-IMAC members.  Some countries might only have one IMAC member.  We have been working on growing IMAC internationally, that we need to concentrate our efforts on building the membership.  At the Worlds, each pilot was given a one-year membership in IMAC, which was included in their registration fee.  Several has not renewed. 

One opinion is the main problem is that an IMAC member can request unknowns, but don’t have to have a sanction.  One way to solve this problem is to require an IMAC sanction to request unknowns.  We currently don’t have a way to verify if the contests exists.  Roy mentioned having an international contest calendar.  Their pilots can register, will receive the unknowns, etc. for the minimum charge.  With the new system, how is this working in the international regions?  The countries will add an event, just like our regional points, but there isn’t a contest calendar available for viewing.  There isn’t currently an approval authority for the international contests. 

The BOD is in consensus about researching this subject more before a decision is made.  Currently, we have 30 international members.  There were 51 unknown requests for January to July internationally.  They were all requested by the same person.  We have some members outside the U.S. that are on the sequence committee.


2016 Sequences – Mike Karnes

The Sequence Committee is wanting the BOD to look at the Unlimited and Advance sequence for 2016, which includes the alternate sequences.  Motion carries with one abstain vote to approve the Unlimited and Advance Standard and Alternate sequences for 2016.

They are currently trying to finalize Intermediate.  This year they started with Unlimited because the snow is already falling for some of the test pilots by the time they get around to write them.  All the other sequences could possibly be ready for vote by next BOD meeting.


Treasurer’s Report – Phil Vance

As of September 16, the current checking balance is $10,067.92 and the Paypal account is $36,718.70, which leaves a total cash-in-hand as $46,786.82.  Phil has sent each RD their current report. 


Regional Issues – RDs

North Central Regionals are this weekend in Saranac, MI.  Currently, there are 22 pilots registered.  Pretty good battle in Sportsman and Unlimited.

Northeast Regionals are also this weekend.  Currently, there are 31 pilots registered.

In the Southwest Region, Rusty got the contest under question straightened out. 


Meeting adjourned 10:10 p.m. CST.