Attention CD’s

Posted by Ron Graham
Posted on 12/22/2015

airplaneFirst off,

Let me thank each of you who have posted your contests. Contests are just beginning to populate with pilot entries. As of writing this post, here is where the schedule stands:

  • 10 contests approved for the NC Regional Point Series
  • 2 judging schools approved
  • 2 new contests pending to be approved Jan 5 (Rockford, Flying Eagles)
  • 4 existing contests unapproved (Clinton, NOIC, Tri State, WRCFC)
  • 2 existing contests who have not entered their contest into the schedule (Mid Michigan and Cincinnati Burnit)

Per our criteria, there have been two CD’s who have switched dates (Stetsons and KRAM). Requests for new contests (In the order that I received them) are Rockford and Flying Eagles. The new contests that I have received will be approved on Jan 5th or thereafter. I have received no other requests from existing CD’s to switch or choose an alternate date. If your contest is unapproved in the schedule and you are outside of your reserved weekend (Clinton, NOIC, Tri State, WRCFC) please contact me. I would like to hear from you before Jan 5 so we may get an available date for your contest. I will do my best to schedule your contest on the date that you would like to have. Unfortunately, I have no way of telling when you posted in the schedule. Existing contests that want to change to another available date will be approved in the order that the request is received. If you are an existing CD and you have not yet posted into the schedule please do so as soon as possible (Mid Michigan, Cincinnati Burnit).  It may become difficult to schedule the date that you would like after Jan 5.

I would like to encourage all CD’s

to take some time and consider how you might make a special effort to promote your contest this year. Promoting and running a successful contest takes attention to detail, planning ahead and a team effort. Take the time now to make those plans and follow through. Most of you have already taken the first important step and I applaud you for doing so. Make a few phone calls and personally invite some pilots or invite some friends to come see what IMAC is all about.  I like to think of CD’s as the kind of people who really are where the “Tire meets the road”. I want to leave you with two parting thoughts for why you should make it a special effort this year. The first is obvious, the second maybe not as much- but very important.

First, consider what makes a successful contest. It’s been my observation that well attended contests run smoothly and have  personnel in place to cover their duties. The Scorekeeper is truly THE most important part of the whole contest and equally the most unsung. Take good care of them and don’t be afraid to make it worth their while! If they are new or have questions, have them get in touch with myself or our club secretary Samantha McKinney. Samantha is likely one of the most knowledgeable people I know about the SCORE program. Better yet, she’s right here in NC!

CD’s should spend a majority of their time preparing before the contest and using their leadership skills to effectively delegate responsibilities. Surround yourself with good people who will follow through. Why all this, you may ask? Well, the answer is simple. If you begin now to promote, plan ahead, delegate and follow through, odds are very good that you will not only have returning pilots, but also attract new prospective pilots. Always have the attitude to “pay it ahead” and get the right perspective when you get started! If you have any questions or ideas on how you might better promote your contest, send me an email and I will do my best to help you out.

Secondly, but more importantly, I would like everyone to understand the value of putting this effort into action now. As of writing this article the FAA has made a ruling concerning registration of all model aircraft. You have no doubt been reading any number of forums, blogs etc. about the ruling.  Perhaps you have speculated on how this may affect our hobby. Consider that the vast majority of the population has no real understanding of IMAC and how this will likely have an effect on what we all enjoy. Consider what the outcome of the ruling could mean for IMAC in the future. What better time to plan and make your contest successful? If you’re a pilot, get signed up early! Get involved and spread the word!