Basic Unknowns??

Posted by Ron Graham
Posted on 1/15/2016

sep of 14 040Well, sort of …

As of Jan 1st, 2016 a change came into affect that will change how points are tabulated in the Basic class. In simple terms, the “extra” round flown by the Basic class (while Sportsman through Unlimited fly there unknown) will be counted just as if it were an “unknown”. The “Basic Unknown” will be weighted as 20% of the Basic competitor’s score. Here is an excerpt from the Contest Standards:

  9. The Basic class will not fly an Unknown at any IMAC contest. 10. In Lieu of an Unknown Sequence, the Basic Class shall fly an additional Known Sequence. Although not an Unknown, the Basic Known Sequence flown in lieu of the Unknown shall be scored in the score program as an Unknown with the Unknown drop schedule. 11. Only one Unknown sequence will be flown at either a two day or a one day event and the score for that Unknown (Known for Basic) cannot be dropped. Events of more than two (2) days may have multiple Unknowns (Known for Basic). In this case, however, each Unknown sequence must be scored separately and calculated into the pilot's score as separate sequences. Multiple Unknown sequences cannot be added together to arrive at a single Unknown score. If more than one Unknown sequence (Known for Basic) is flown, one or more may be dropped at the discretion of the CD. Dropping Unknown scores must be done in accordance with the drop schedule provided in Appendix A of this document. All sequences, Known and Unknown (Known for Basic), will follow the procedure for normalized scoring and drops as defined in the current AMA rule book for Scale Aerobatics and Appendix A of this document. Given that an Unknown(s) is flown, the Unknown (Known for Basic) sequence(s) will comprise 20% of the total normalized score.

So What does this mean for my contest?june 23 pics 003

As CD’s we need to understand the new rule and how it will be tabulated. Please confer with your scorekeeper before  the contest to verify that they are aware of the change and are able to score accordingly. Better yet, have your scorekeeper and yourself attend one of the future scorekeeping meetings that will likely be coming up in the next few months. Scores that are inaccurate will unfortunately not be able to be posted into the RPS.

As a side note . . .

Now that the schedule is more or less complete, CD’s (including myself) need to be spending time on promoting their contests. Step 1: If you have not done so, please take some time to go over the details of your contest as it is listed in the schedule. Verify that your directions are correct. In some cases I have found the google map to be inaccurate and needs to be changed. Also consider that your guest pilots may be coming from far away (1-200 miles). Some of the club websites out there only have local maps that are of little use beyond 50 miles. Step 2: If you have not made a description of your contest then by all means write one up. It doesn’t need to be long, just the highlights. I keep mine on a word file and edit as needed. Step 3: Make a flyer! This can serve two purposes. First, you can send it to me as a JPG. file and I would be happy to post it for you. Second, make copies and distribute to clubs, hobby shops etc. Use pictures! Nothing draws people’s attention more than a picture. Step 4: Be creative. Consider ways that you may promote your contest. This could be a meal, extra activity, etc. If you have a anything you would like me to post on the NC page about your contest let me know. Give me a call if you have any ideas you would like to share or explore.


Make sure that you have correctly listed your contest on flyer’s, descriptions etc. Now that we have a “Basic Unknown” we need to make sure that we have correctly advertised this change.