The #1 Reason to Fly IMAC

Posted by Ron Graham
Posted on 2/1/2016


Nick MckinneyLet me start

by telling how I got started. I flew my first contest in 2008 at my home field with a borrowed plane. I was like most others that I have tried to convince to try it. I didn’t think that I was good enough and didn’t want to make a fool of myself. I was pleasantly surprised with all the help and support that I received. I flew in one to two contests a year until 2012. I then started flying in as many contests as I could, and inNick Mckinney JJ 2014 had the great privilege of flying in the IMAC world championship in sportsman class.    My family (Samantha, Nathan) and I enjoy the weekend getaways to contests. My brother in law Bill usually flies with us also. The reason I started IMAC was for the competition but the reason I am still doing it is for the continued friendships that we have made. We now have friends all over the country that we look forward to seeing every year. I have had several hobbies in my life and the people in IMAC are just a great group of people to spend time with.


I would like to encourage everyone to include your families in IMAC. A family that plays together grows together, and Nathan wants more kids to play with! In the upcoming year I would ask that each of us remember what we love about this hobby. When we see someone new at a contest, show them that friendly competitive atmosphere. Offer to help without being asked, and become a new friend. That is what hooked me on this hobby.


PS – If you have not tried camping at the field (tent, cargo trailer, camper, or rv) doesn’t matter. You should because you don’t know what you are missing!

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-Nick McKinney grew up in town and now resides with his family on a farm near Mt. Erie (town of @100 residents in southern Illinois).  He grew up farming and doing construction work with his dad and grandpa. He met his wonderful wife (Samantha) in 2002 and were married in 2004. They were blessed with their son Nathan in 2008.  Nick is still active with farm and occasional construction work. A majority of his summer time is committed to his lawn mowing service.