Doesn’t Feel Like Flying Weather…

Posted by Steve Sides
Posted on 2/1/2016


SnowHere’s a recent photo from my yard.  As you can tell there’s not much flying going on here.  The Virginia folks may not be flying for a while.  Others in South Florida are mowing the runway. 






The South Florida folks held the first event for us with the Miami judging school.  I had the opportunity to attend and help out with this event.  Ten pilots attended to get their first taste of IMAC judging or to brush up on their skills.  Thanks to Tony Fandino for running this event.  Judging schools IMHO are the most important events that we have during the season.

Next up will be the season opener AMPS contest on February 20-21 to be held at the their beautiful field just outside Miami.  If you can make the trip I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


Other Stuff


  • This season RDs have the capability of sending CDs a file directly from the IMAC website containing all the details for pilots that are registered for the event.  What’s the big deal ?  This file can be directly loaded into the Score! program and with a single click you have all your pilots imported.  Very helpful reducing the scorekeeper / CD workload and helping to prevent data entry errors – especially for a large contest.  I’ve tested this feature and find that it works quite well.  One minor issue (which has now been addressed) is that if Basic pilots check the ‘Senior’ box when they register the import faithfully records that selection in the Score! program.  Unfortunately Basic pilots aren’t eligible for Senior competition.  So CDs be sure to take a look at this so it doesn’t affect your Senior results.  As I mentioned the issue has been fixed however for those that registered before the fix it’s still possible to have some Basic pilots in your Seniors.  Just wanted to make everyone aware. 
  • Where do you get this file ?  I’ll be sending it the CD before the contest for upload.  Of course if you prefer the data can be loaded manually.
  • Also in the Score! program is the Basic Unknown – yes Unknown – sequence.  Since the Basic Unknown is the same as their Known sequence, the program already has it populated.
  • Current Score! version as of this writing is v4.14.  Please be sure that you or your scorekeeper downloads the latest version for your contest.

Basic Unknown

As I mentioned above, the Basic class will have an Unknown round that consists of a single sequence of their known sequence.  This Unknown round will be scored at 20% of the total score as for the other classes.  Also – since it is an Unknown round – it will not be considered when dropping Known sequences.  The BOD instituted this change in 2016 to provide additional challenge for the Basic pilots and to prepare them for things to come in Sportsman and up.  CDs please be sure that you (or your scorekeeper) enter it as an Unknown round to keep your Basic results accurate.

SE Regionals

I polled our ARDs for their thoughts on location and invitation process for the 2016 SE Regional Championships.  The Regionals will be held again at Glen St. Marys Florida. 

Invitations will be extended as follows:

  • Must be an IMAC member residing in the SE region
  • Must have competed in at least 1 IMAC event during the 2016 season resulting in SE Regional points 
  • Each class is limited to 10 pilots
  • Invitations will be extended first to the top 10 pilots in order of 2016 Regional points accumulated
  • Should any of the top 10 pilots decline to attend, the next pilot on the list will be invited until either the class is full or there are no more pilots with regional points to invite

2018 World Team Selection Rules

I know it’s early but the World Championship team selection rules have been posted on the Members forum.  Please check them out and make plans to get your spot on the team.  It’s a great event that you’ll thoroughly enjoy.  Good luck to everyone.