Posted by Ron Graham
Posted on 8/19/2016



For the duration

100Tof the 2016 North Central IMAC season your RD will be posting, from time to time, portions of photographs in a North Central forum entitled “SNIP-IT”. These “SNIP-IT’s” will include important clues for NC IMAC members to discover in determining answers to questions included on the “SNIP-IT” forum. The “SNIP-IT’s” will have some basic questions attached like who, what, where, when, etc.  Be the first NC IMAC member to post on the SNIP-IT forum all of the correct answers to each of the questions in one post and receive five (5) points. Points will then be accumulated by any NC IMAC member who has answered all questions first and correctly for each “SNIP-IT” toward a prize. Points will only be awarded to NC IMAC member (s) who are in good standing and currently on the membership list. Edited posts will not be considered. Only one singular answer per question will be accepted. For example: if the question is “Who”? Than an acceptable answer would not be a list ofgreen extra snip all the NC members. Another example: if asked “When?”, an acceptable answer would not be 2014-2016. Contestants must include all the correct answers to all questions in an individual post on the SNIP-IT forum. NC ARD’s are not eligible to cast answers or win prizes. The “SNIP-IT” contest will conclude at the 2016 North Central Regional Contest where points will be tabulated. The NC member with the most accumulated points for the 2016 NC season will be awarded first place prize. The runner-up will be awarded second place prize. Subsequent winners will be awarded a prize based on the schedule below:


· 1st Place: $300

· 2nd Place: $200

· 3rd Place: Collar Shirt and Ball cap

· 4th Place: T-shirt and Ball cap

· 5th-6th Place: Ball cap

In the case of a tie, whoever achieves the most NC regional points (RPS) will prevail as the winner and the subsequent competitor will be considered in the following position.