SC 2016 Moves Forward

Posted by Doug Pilcher
Posted on 5/31/2016

Dixie-7247Photo Courtesy of Rich Whitlow

Warning! There has been a sighting of a couple shady characters from the the SE in South Central! Be on the lookout and do not approach if you see them. Advise your nearest ARD. (Primo and Wayne you know I am ribbin ya’ll).

Ok guys 2016 has really been great and we are still moving forward in the Re-Build and starting to populate the old contests again and adding new to the schedule. I can not thank everyone enough for your part in all of this. I have said before and will say again it takes a village and we are that to be sure. Make sure you guys are looking at your schedules and planning for the contests remaining you are able to attend. Also the Nat's are fast approaching as well! Nat's Info Here!

Also just a heads up to those who are not aware quite yet this year the Unknowns are distributed from one set. So, if a contest requires an ALT on a given weekend than all contests that weekend will receive the ALT sequence for Intermediate Advanced and Unlimited.

As always you are encouraged to call or email your ARD’s or myself with anything that we might be of help with regarding any and all things IMAC. Our goal remains to build the South Central continually and contact and feedback is how we press forward and keep our momentum building.

We return you to normal scheduled broadcasting now……….

Doug Pilcher SCRD (903)647-2640