SE Season Wrapup

Posted by Steve Sides
Posted on 11/18/2016



We’ve closed the books on the 2016 season in the SE that I think was by many measures successful.  Here’s some of the highlights :

  • We had an additional contest added in SW Georgia at the 3D Farm field.  I personally wasn’t able to attend since the gas pipeline in Alabama was broken and we couldn’t get gas in Greensboro.  From those that did attend I understand the venue was top notch although the attendance was thin.
  • We also saw that addition of a contest in Tidewater VA after several years of that contest missing from the calendar.  This contest was lightly attended but hopefully will continue and build up a consistent following.
  • A Basic Only contest was held in Lexington, NC with 5 pilots in attendance.  I’d like to see this sort of effort continue.
  • A possible new contest venue is coming online near Hinesville, GA that appears to be quite a facility.


Here’s some challenges that we’ll need to address :

  • Judging in the upper classes.  There has been some indication that judging is inconsistent for the Unlimited and Advanced classes.  Some have suggested using peer judging as opposed to judging from lower classes.  I don’t really see that as workable since it would have to be done at ALL contests so that regional points would be awarded in the same manner for all pilots.  As you know, it’s not unusual to have a small turnout in the upper classes at local contests – especially in Advanced.  Several things I’d like to explore: 1) Provide callers for all Advanced and Unlimited flights (Known and Unknown) to help the judges with the very busy Aresti.  2) Demonstrate at judging school practicals things that might not be obvious such as shoulder snaps versus a correct snap.  3) Encourage pilots to judge a class up.  By getting more people looking at schedules that are more busy than those to which they are accustomed can only help with the judging.  Any other thoughts would certainly be welcome.
  • Adding contests without cannibalizing the attendance from other established events.  As you know I published a set of criteria by which I hoped we could maintain all the contests through some mileage and calendar date limits.  I often get inquiries about adding a contest and the first thing that I do is send the person our current schedule and our criteria.  As everyone knows our schedule is pretty full and most everyone wants to run their contest during the temperate months and avoid the heat of summer and the cold of winter.  Because of the tight schedule it’s important that the contest be confirmed and the event placed on the IMAC calendar as quickly as possible.  People are making travel plans, arranging vacations, etc and need some lead time.

Here’s some statistics from the past season.

  • Total of 17 contests flown in the region
  • 356 pilots participated
  • Largest contest attendance – Clover Creek Invitational with 39 pilots
  • Smallest contest attendance – Dan Myers Basic Only with 5 pilots
  • Average attendance – 21 pilots
  • 2680 sequences flown and judged
  • 64,320 scores entered


Coming up in 2017

  • First I want to thank everyone in the SE for allowing me another term as Regional Director.  I’ve enjoyed my first term and look forward to the next term.
  • As you may know, 2017 is the qualifier year for the 2018 IMAC World Championship.  If you have any thoughts of attempting to gain a spot on the team, please read the criteria for the US team and plan accordingly.  As a member of the 2014 team I can say without a doubt that it was the best IMAC event that I had the privilege of attending.  I heartily recommend that you give it some thought and make a play if you’re interested.  In 2017 we’ll designate on of our contests as the Regional Qualifier and I’ll make that announcement in the coming months.  So get out there and practice !


Flying and Judging Question

The pilot is approaching a 1-1/2 turn spin entry with a crosswind blowing toward the pilot.  As the aircraft approaches the stall portion, it weather-vanes into the wind by 10 degrees. The pilot has the nose up maintaining level flight.  As the aircraft stalls the nose and the right wing drop 20 degrees starting autorotation but the pilot needs to spin left and forces the aircraft to spin left.  Spin rotation to the left is completed correctly and a wind-corrected vertical downline is established during which you observe no deductions.  What score do you award to the pilot ?