Posted by Charles Lewis
Posted on 1/1/2017

Welcome to the beginning of the 2017 season!

The South West region has roughly 150 members spread over 7 states. In my efforts to represent All of our pilots, it would be very difficult, if not impossible, to communicate with the various pilots, clubs/contest and still be effective. That said, I have selected/asked the following individuals to assist me in the daily operation of our region and I would like to introduce them to you:

Bill ADAMS: Bill will represent Phoenix Arizona region. Bill has been a long time IMAC pilot; he qualified and participated in the WORLDs  and brings experience and knowledge to the table. Bill is a very knowledgeable judge and is one of our Regional Judging instructors.


JOE MACGREGOR: Joe will and has for, several years,  represented the mid-CA area. Joe often doubles as CD for several contest and is eager to help with many functions, including announcing to the region up coming events via the internet.


RYON OWENS: Ryan will help with Northern Ca. I have seen Ryon stop and assist other pilots at a contest offering support and to organize and streamline events. He also owns a hobby shop!


HOWARD PILCHER: Howard will represent  Southern Ca. Howard has been flying IMAC for several years, having been the Intermediate points champion in recent years. Howard presents with a very good working knowledge of the IMAC rules,  he  is an consistent  and fair judge. He and his son, Curtis, make a pretty good father son team.


MIKE STONER: Mike has performed the duties of ARD  the Northern Ca. Mike is another one of those guys who quietly goes about his business and unless you seek conversation with him, you just might not know he's ’there, yet, his experience and knowledge make him a valuable asset to have in your corner!


JACQUES TELLES: Jacques has really stepped up his game this year! He is not only competitive in the Intermediate class, has spent considerable time learning and becoming familiar with the IMAC Scoring program. I feel very comfortable with Jacques becoming our IT liaison with  the program for our score keepers in the region.


GIL TERZO: Gill will represent the Las Vegas, Nevada pilots in that region. Gil has been a steady supporter of  the SW IMAC region, he attends several out of state contest per year. Gil has strong management skill and is a organizer, I may call on him often!


RANDY WEGNER: Randy has agreed to represent pilots in the Tucson area and I am pleased with his counsel. Randy too brings knowledge, skill and a calm demeanor in his approach to issues. Randy comes to contests and quietly goes about his duties whether its preparing his many airplanes for competition, learning an unknown or setting up his sound system at nearly every contest he attends.



These “ARDs” are experienced knowledgeable IMAC pilots, they  are your and my representatives and are available to you to discuss topics related to IMAC and our region.

. Don’t hesitate contacting them to make suggestions, ask questions and even flying techniques, I am quite certain you will find them helpful!  I will seek input from all of them before any decision is made regarding events or changes!


Charles Lewis


Regional Judging Instructor.

Contest Director