Happy Holidays in the SE

Posted by Steve Sides
Posted on 12/25/2016

I’d like extend to everyone in the SE region the very best holiday wishes for you and your families while we remember what the really important stuff is around us.  Looking forward to the 2017 season !


Across IMAC people are talking about judging – is it consistent, fair, biased, are the judges knowledgeable ?  I firmly believe that the pilots we place in the judges chair are doing their very best to award the pilot the proper score.  I travel to a fair amount of contests and I can say that I have never felt that I earned scores other than that which the judges recorded.  But I fly Intermediate – not the most challenging sequence we offer.  In the Advanced and Unlimited classes, the sequences are very busy and unless a judge is intimately familiar and accustomed to looking at such sequences, it can be hard to take it all in and make the split-second decisions necessary.  In an effort to help these pilots I’ve sent some suggestions to the CDs for the upcoming season that may help improve the judging.  The main suggestion is to provide a caller for the judges in the Advanced and Unlimited KNOWN sequences.  We routinely provide a caller for Unknowns so we’ll try to provide that same help for the Knowns.  I look forward to some feedback to see if these initiatives bear fruit.

Judging schools

We will have 5 judging schools spread throughout the SE region and the National Judging School held this year in Texas.  Hopefully there will be one nearby and you will take advantage of it.



The 2017 SE season will open with the IMAC Over The Glades 3 contest now moved to the 4th week of January.  I’m planning on attending this one, help with the South Florida Judging School and a family break from the NC winter.  Those in the northern parts of the region aren’t even thinking in ‘contest’ mode that early in the year.  It’s going to be a bit challenging for me flying a contest this early.  Not lots of practice going on in NC !

Score Program Update

Please be sure to download the latest version of the Score! software.  The current version is 4.14 and does have the 2017 sequences installed.  In addition there are the Alternate sequences that can be loaded if necessary.  Please let me know of any questions or issues.

2018 World Team Qualifier

Please keep in mind that 2017 is the qualifying year for the 2018 US IMAC World Championship Team.   I heartily recommend that you make every effort to make the team if that appeals to you.  As a member of the 2014 team I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  There are a couple ways to qualify – the 2017 NATS and through a Regional Qualifier contest.  The contest that will serve as the Regional Qualifier has not yet been selected but will be one of the late season contests.  Full qualifying info is contained in the World Qualifying Rules .