SC Continues after Battling with the Weather

Posted by Doug Pilcher
Posted on 6/1/2017

Content and Pictures Contributed by: Rich Whitlow LA ARD

After having to shuffle dates, due to the crazy spring weather, South Central has put up a productive Boot Camp and a great Contest.

The Red Stick RC club hosted a boot camp, with ARD Rich Whitlow and past ARD Cam Shahrdar going over the basics, setting up airplanes and doing lots of Coaching and Calling as prospective IMAC Members tried their hands at making their airplane fly straight. A big thanks to Cam for driving down to Baton Rouge from Shreveport to share his experience.

Shortly thereafter, the Mid-Mississippi RC Club hosted their 7th annual IMAC Contest, and once again the weather provided some challenges. With the weather threatening, the pilot count dropped slightly. But, those who came enjoyed some great fun, lots of food and some challenging flying. Unlimited pilots Wayne Matthews, Dan Baker and Joe Ryan generously gave of their time and made themselves available to all who needed advice and help.

Though Sunday was a wash, we all look forward to next year’s contest.

We had 3 pilots fly and visit that had attended the Boot Camp. It’s great to see some new guys.

Due to the weather shuffle, Broken Arrow is up next, Again!! It’s going to be a great contest, don’t miss it!