Independence Day in the SE

Posted by Steve Sides
Posted on 7/4/2017

flag&fireworksThe heat of summer is here with everything that goes along with it.  Family trips, getting that little bit more practice in for the upcoming contest and perhaps getting rid of that bubble that showed up in the covering last flying session.  Whatever is keeping you occupied I hope that everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July.


In other news the IMAC NATS wrapped up this past weekend with 42 competitors from 5 of the 6 IMAC regions.  Along with being the premier summer IMAC event, this year’s NATS also served as a team qualifier for the 2018 US World Championship team.  The top 3 finishers in Sportsman through Unlimited classes were awarded a spot on the team.  The SE was particularly well represented capturing 9 of the 12 spots available.  In Sportsman Sam Pankratz was the National Champion, JJ Hedrick came in 2nd and Cayden Bruce from the SW region got the 3rd spot.  For Intermediate, Kobe Cantin finished on top followed by Carlos Bonachea and David Herron from the SC region taking 3rd.  Advanced was a SE sweep with Evan Turner on top followed by Mitch Johnson 2nd and Josh McCreary 3rd.  Finally in Unlimited the top spot went to David Moser,  Kurt Koelling of the NC region second and Jason Shulman finishing in 3rd place.  The region award was captured by the SE region and the Bennett Cup was awarded to David Moser.  The flying at the NATS was top notch even with some serious wind buffeting the competitors on the 2nd day.  As is usual with Muncie in the summer there were some rain showers and early morning ceiling issues to deal with but the delays were minimal.

The SE region has 1 more opportunity to get pilots on the 2018 US World Team and that will be at the Regional Championship in November.  In a departure from our traditional Regionals, this will be a regional points contest – NOT an invitational event – open to all who wish to compete.  At the regionals, the top 5 pilots in terms of SE regional points that have not already qualified for the Worlds will have a fly off among themselves during the contest.  The winner of that fly off competition in Sportsman through Unlimited will receive a spot on the US team.  So if you’re thinking along those lines, get out there and polish up you flying !


You may have noticed some discussion surrounding turnaround maneuvers that are legal and those that are not.  Our rule book clearly states which figures are allowed but the issue was whether or not any of those could be executed beginning from inverted.  After some discussion with the BOD, Ty Lyman clarified that the figures are to be initiated from positive flight.  In the case of an inverted exit from a sequence it is not legal to push into one of the turnaround figures.  Pilots need to roll to upright and then execute a legal turnaround figure.  The same applies for an inverted entry.  The turnaround figures must be initiated from positive flight to position for sequence entry.