Northeast Region Worlds Team Qualification Update

Posted by Brad
Posted on 8/21/2017

With three contests left in the Northeast Region prior to the Regional Finals, I wanted to provide everyone with the current status for the Northeast Region.  The Northeast will be able to send one additional pilot per class in Sportsman through Unlimited.  That pilot will be selected according to the qualification process.  That means that the Top Five Pilots in the regional points that have at least 3 contests this year will be competing at Black Dirt for the spot in their class.  As of now, the pilots that would be competing are:

Sportsman: Philip Leister, Durell Leister, William Wilson, and Youtang Shen

Intermediate: Skip Messick, Brad Davy, Steve Stanton, Terry Pellerin, and Kirk Adams

Advanced: Jim Cyr, Earle Andrews

Unlimited: Tom Maharis, Ty Lyman, Tyler McCormack

There are still opportunities to get the three contests, with State College and Lums Pond coming up.  

Correction:  Due to my confusion about info posted on the Website, I erroneously stated Terry Pellerin had already qualified.  I was looking at the final day results, not the final results.