Lineup for the Northeast Finals for the Worlds Team Selection

Posted by Brad
Posted on 9/11/2017

With Lums Pond in the books, and no further Northeast competitions for next weekend below are the pilots that are eligible to compete for the Northeast spot on the 2018 Worlds Team.  Pilots can still compete in one of the available contests next weekend, which could affect the lineup.

At Black Dirt, these contestants will compete in the regular contest, but their scores will also be kept in a separate contest to determine the Worlds team selection.  Regional points going into the contest don’t affect that selection. These competitors will also fly an unknown on Saturday afternoon (provided at the Pilots meeting). 

I’m looking forward to a tight competition in all classes, and wish everyone good luck.  Bring your “A” game and we’ll see you at Black Dirt!


7558Philip Leister5000.00
7783Steven Brentson4946.43
7557Durell Leister4830.54
6515William Wilson4809.58
7419Youtang Shen2817.83


7330Joseph Adamo4838.71
6304Bradley Davy4766.15
7308Skip Messick4757.50
5537Terry Pellerin3928.51
4707Steve Stanton3877.92


6078Earle Andrews3870.71
7331Dominic Adamo3708.87
4053Raymond Labonte2986.09
5306Jim Cyr2884.57


2375Ty Lyman5000.00
6395Thomas Maharis4840.37
6571Tyler McCormack2945.18