South Central World’s Qualifiers/RPS Finish

Posted by Doug Pilcher
Posted on 10/31/2017

Dan Powell   David Herron   Greg Dial  

Dan Powell – Sportsman                            David Herron – Intermediate                                        Greg Dial – Intermediate  

  Cambize Shahrdar   Rick Byrd

                                                                                                   Cambize Shahrdar – Advanced                               Rick Byrd – Unlimited

So what a finish to a superb season in South Central! So many races came down to single digit differences in Shreveport contest as well as Qualifiers. I guess what they call a nail biter to the end. Want to congratulate all of our South Central representatives to “World’s 18” in September! And every region member that put those miles on and traveled and competed and came out to just be part of and support for our Region! But not for you!

I also want to thank all of my ARD’s for the endless work and effort all year. For them, (and they can confirm) I keep them busy from January to December. We are already working on 18’s contest calendar and Judging Schools. They all are what keep us moving and growing. Could not do any of what we do with out them and many many others who are just at the ready to help!

Regional Point Series Finals

Basic                                                         Sportsman                                        Intermediate

1st Place was Darin Schmidt                1st Place was Danny Powell          1st Place was David Herron

2nd Place was Allen Delger                 2nd Place was Rich Whitlow         2nd Place was Greg Dial

3rd Place was Ed Kranz                        3rd Place was Rhett Lambert        3rd Place was Mark Thurman

Advanced                                                Unlimited

1st Place was Cambize Shahrdar        1st Place was Rick Byrd

2nd Place was Jason Priddle               2nd Place was Lyndel Roe

3rd Place was Hank Cooper                3rd Place was Bill Cunningham