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Posted by Adi Kochav
Posted on 1/1/2018


Dear International IMAC pilots

It is with a great privilege we give you the, International Competition with Perfection (ICWP).

The latest updated version of Score! ver. 4.25 is now available.

This version includes many hours of work, forward thinking and updates and some bug fixes. It also now includes a PP (Percentage of Perfection) display, as well several other new options within “Preferences” and an updated help file describing and listing these items. It contains  the 2018 Sequences.
We would like to thank Dan Carroll of Australia for continuing where Dave Smith brought us over these many years of IMAC and the Score! program.

Here is a link to download the new 4.25 Score! program.

SCORE 4.25 (2018 Sequences) 

This is a guide for 2018 International ICWP season
Any International competitor that wishes to participate in the 2018 Competition with Perfection must be an IMAC paid member. If a competitor joins IMAC mid-season, only contests attended from that point on will qualify for a chance to be rated against fellow International IMAC pilots.
The Competition Season will begin on January 1st and ends after a predetermined contest on the International IMAC Contest Schedule or on December 31st, whichever comes first. The last accepted contest date will be determined by the International Regional Director and any contest after that date will not count in the perfection rating of the previous contests
The percentage value in the final score column, is the percentage of the points the pilot earned based against the total possible points that are available for Known Sequences ONLY. The percentage will be averaged from the pilots top 5 (five) contests with the highest final percentages.

Sample 1


Qualified contests will be those listed in the IMAC International contest calendar shown on the IMAC website under the International Regions. The final results need to be verified and posted within 14 days by the International Regional Director.
A final International Contest as denoted by the International Regional Director will count and the percentage points of that contest will also be included towards the ICWP. The final contest will be a normal IMAC contest open to all classes.
In the case of a tie for a percentage point champion, percentage points will be calculated out to three digits (00.000). If the tie still cannot be resolved, the raw scores for the top 5 contests will be used to break the tie.

Sample 2


A pilot will not eligible for points awards in more than one category. If a pilot moves into a higher competition class during the year, the pilot will have to advise his/her Regional Director of the change AND at that time, will also advise in which class he/she would like his/her points calculated.
For the purpose of Percentage Points, if a Basic-class competitor places first, second or, third in the Percentage Points, that pilot will have to move to the Sportsman class in the following season. In the event that the competitor doesn’t move up, any points earned in the following season will not count toward any awards.
The IMAC Competition with Perfection awards will be funded at this time by the International Regional Director though a fundraiser of his or her choice. The number of awards for the ICWP will be decided by the International Regional Director.

Sample 3

ללא שם


1.         Q; ​Does every pilot will be ranked according to his class.

​            A;​ The ranking page default setting is to rank ALL International ​pilots.

If you look at top bar it allows you to slice and dice the information any way you want to view it. That can be per Country and class or someday per multiple regions.
It will start working only when we will start uploading scores, as for now the first contest are starting on February.

2. ​        Q; Do we need to have in the end of the year 3 champs in each and every class or is it 3 champs from all the classes with the highest percentage?

A; This is why for at least the first year it will be our decision.

From the guidelines "The IMAC Competition with Perfection awards will be funded at this time by the International Regional Director through a fundraiser of our choice.

The number of awards for the ICWP will be decided by the International Regional Director and his ARDs.

As for now we will have only one champ from each class.

3.         Q; How many contests a pilot needs to fly to get his points ?

A;  We set the Ranking system to average the best 5 contests per pilot. It doesn’t say you must have 5 contests to participate and have a chance at an award.  So basically, a pilot can fly as many contest he wants, the system will choose his best of 5. A pilot can also fly only 1 contest but his average will be very low, We think that the best minimum will be at #3.

4.         Q; Can we use the system to make in each country our own champs ?

A; The ranking system allows you to sort in any way you probably can think of. If each individual country chooses to give out awards beyond just competing in International Awards, you can.

5.        Q; Trophies, the payment will come from each country that the winner is from?

A; As for now, each country that one of her pilots will win in his class the Regional scores will need to make a trophy.

6.        Q; A final denoted contest is ?

A; At some point during the year the date of the last contest has to be chosen to close the season for International and end the rankings race. Any contests that happen after that date will not count to the regional points.

7.        Q; Why are the points being taken from the Knowns only?

A; At this time we want the points to be equal to all no matter where they fly internationally, but if a certain country would like to calculate the UNKNOWNS to their own rankings in their specific country they can sum and average the Unknowns by themselves.

8.        Q; A basic pilot that wins 1-3 place needs to move up, that section is applicable only to Basic pilots or is it on all classes ?

A; Yes, this only applies to Basic. It’s just a way to keep them from hanging in Basic when they are capable to do Sportsman.