2018 Is About to Kick Off

Posted by Doug Pilcher
Posted on 3/11/2018


Ok guys, with a very successful judging school behind us it is now time to look to the first contest of the season in Wrightsville Arkansas. Jack Bowell (a long time IMAC supporter) and Bobby Moran are getting things in place for the season opener. I want 2018 to be the year of the uptick of South Central. Let’s all commit to bringing friends and guests to introduce them to IMAC and drive up our membership numbers in South Central. It is as you all know my final year as South Central Regional Director and I would like to go out with a bang. To do that I need all of us to be dedicated to the growth we have worked so hard to achieve in the last 5 years. We have a core now that is strong and solid. Let’s continue to build on that! The schedule this year is the largest in South Central in over 12 years! That is because of you guys! Reaching out to clubs and individuals and bringing them back to the SC fold.

Schedule as currently laid out.

Lost Squadron IMAC
Wrightsville, Arkansas

SC - SW Smack Down IMAC
Horizon City, Texas

Bayou Bash IMAC
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

8th Annual Mid MS RC Club IMAC Challenge
Byram, Mississippi

Smoky Hill Model Flying Club Hosts The 2nd Annual NATS Warm-up for IMAC
Salina , Kansas

2018 Scale Aerobatic National Championship - SC
Muncie, Indiana

Wings Over Abilene IMAC 2018
Abilene, TX , Texas

IWC World’s 2018 Championship

09/04 – 09/08 2018
Muncie, Indiana

American Turf Flyers Fall IMAC
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Shreveport Sharks Club 4th Annual IMAC Challenge (Gumbo)
Shreveport, Louisiana

Kansas State IMAC Challenge
Hillsdale, Kansas

22nd Annual Texoma IMAC Challenge RPS Finish
Sherman, Texas