Mid-Season? Really?

Posted by Doug Pilcher
Posted on 7/6/2018

Nats 2018-9406

Well here we are in July? South Central has made many strides this season. From new contests posted on schedule and an abundance which we in SC are not used to. NATS had a very impressive showing of South Central Pilots!

Cam Shardhar

Shane Snyder  (Emma Snyder calling Unlimited Knowns and Unknowns for Shane)

Rhett Lambert

Chuck Cooke

Rich Whitlow

Kevin Schmidt

And of course yours truly and Rosie Pilcher on the event team.

We (to my knowledge) have never had this many compete in the NATS in Muncie! This is tremendous!

And while all held their own, we had Mr. Rhett Lambert take 1st Place overall in Sportsman but also won the first “Schroder Cup”! What a great achievement by one of our own!

We still have quite the line up remaining with Arkansas and Jack Bowell’s contest up next! Here is what we have left to go in the 2018 season! 8 more contests on the schedule! When I came in as RD in 2014 we did not have 8 total on the schedule and we are mid-season with 8 left? WHAT? Guys it is all because of your commitment to IMAC and South Central we have gained this ground. Let’s keep this progress going! Make sure you are signing up for these contests for the CD’s please.

Lost Squadron IMAC - Reschedule
Wrightsville, Arkansas

Barnstormer's HOT IMAC Throw Down
Hillsdale, Kansas

Wings Over Abilene IMAC 2018
Abilene, TX , Texas

American Turf Flyers Fall IMAC
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Shreveport Sharks Club 4th Annual IMAC Challenge (Gumbo)
Shreveport, Louisiana

Kansas State IMAC Challenge
Hillsdale, Kansas

Pampa IMAC
Pampa, Texas

22nd Annual Texoma IMAC Challenge RPS Finish
Sherman, Texas

And of course we have World’s set for September 4th – 8th back at AMA in Muncie! We again have quite the line up of South Central Pilots representing us in the Worlds.

Sportsman – Rhett Lambert and Danny Powell

Intermediate – David Herron and Greg Dial

Advanced – Cam Shardhar

Unlimited – Rick Byrd

And part of Judging Team – Rich Whitlow

I want to of course thank you all for this involvement in a sport we all love in “Scale Aerobatics” !

Doug Pilcher

South Central Regional Director