2018 SC Season is a Wrap!!

Posted by Doug Pilcher
Posted on 11/20/2018


With the 22nd Annual Texoma IMAC Challenge RPS Finish completed on a cold November weekend we had quite the finish to 2018. With temperatures in the upper 20’s in the mornings and wind chills of teens until the sun came out. This brought us to the balmy mid 40’s with some wind chill still effecting us. We still had pilots battling out the points race to the end. This was a bitter sweet contest and end of the 2018 season for myself. For the contest season, it marked the end of my position of South Central Regional Director. My region members paid me an awesome thank you in that they gave me a gift of a custom set of Carden Wing Bags with custom embroidery from Sewbusy that is simply amazing! They also as well gifted me some funds to assure I am out and about in 2019 flying! And that is exactly my intentions. I want to thank each and everyone of them for their support over these last nearly 5 years in their work and support of South Central! I could not have done 1/4 of what we achieved without the ARD’s behind me and each and every SC pilot that supported and helped in so many ways over these last years.

I also am grateful to Rich Whitlow to offering to step in as Regional Director for South Central. Rich has shown his dedication in so many ways to the region already that I could not imagine a better fit to the region and its path forward. I want to encourage everyone to support Rich as you have supported myself going forward. South Central will continue to grow and thrive with all of us behind him and his leadership!