Posted by Ray Morton
Posted on 12/31/2018



I wanted to introduce myself and especially thank Moose for all of the hard work he has done and contributed to IMAC as the previous Regional Director.


I have been flying competitive aerobatics (mostly pattern) since the late 1970’s, and was the District IV F3A champion for 2006, 2007, and 2008. Around this same time, my distance vision was getting a little worse and I was having more difficulty clearly seeing the 2-meter pattern planes and thought I would give IMAC a try. I immediately enjoyed flying the larger, seeming slower moving IMAC planes. By 2014 I won the North Central Advanced class and qualified for the 1st World IMAC Championships where I finished 8th. Since then I have flown the Unlimited class and have placed 2nd in the North Central region for the last 2 years and was 9th overall in the new World standings last year (2018). I have volunteered for the sequence committee, scale aerobatics rules committee, and was the 2018 US Team Manager for IMAC World’s. I have been the Contest Director for the Flying Cardinals IMAC Challenge for 5 years now. I am really looking forward to 2019 as my new Kam-Aero is now trimmed and flying pretty well.


I am currently retired and am home most of the time, so please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email any time day or night.


I will look forward to working  closely with all of the ARD’s for all IMAC issues. I will want to enlist your support and opinions for all contests and topics relevant to the future of IMAC. I hope that with your support we can test and implement new and exciting ideas in the region in the next couple years.


I also look forward to working closely with and supporting all of the Contest Directors, I also hope you will experiment with new ideas and creative ways to market IMAC through your contests and hopefully grow IMAC within the North Central Region.