Season is Looming

Posted by Krzy4rc
Posted on 2/21/2019

In the South Central, we have a variety of climates.  Some of us are hammered by winter and others get to enjoy some milder temperatures.  Where I am in Louisiana, the temperatures have been temperate, but the rain has been relentless.  We are so soggy that when I do get to fly, I have to wash the mud off my plane just to see the coloring of the covering!  I may need to invest in some knobby tires!

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We have completed a terrific International Judging School.  We had some great discussions on IMAC Rules and flying, we reviewed rule changes and watched some flying (with a judge’s eye).  It was a good time to get the new year started and get re-energized for 2019.

The IJS is also where I unveiled our new Marketing Message for IMAC.  #IAmIMAC.  What does this mean to me?  This is a statement that I love IMAC, the people of IMAC and I want to be a Positive Influencer of IMAC.  No matter how small or large the influence.  In a committee you can influence many things, sequences, marketing, judging, education….But, also at the ground level we all influence the image of IMAC.  How we present IMAC to people who are not familiar with IMAC, how we communicate about IMAC to each other (in person, or online).  How we show the world we feel about this great organization.  Its up to each of us…#IAmIMAC!

Next up for South Central is the Judging School in Sherman, TX.  We have some new and seasoned instructors that will be there.  But, I promise you all of us..Attendees AND Instructors will walk away with at least one thing new that they learned.  I have been to many schools and I always learn something.

Also, we have launched a new class for IMAC.  The Novice Class.  This is just the Basic Class, with some help and no pressure of the competition.  The Novice class will fly amongst the Basic pilots, but they will not have their scores entered for the competition and they will only fly on Saturday,  The Novice Class competitors will need some help and callers, so step up and help.  Don’t make one person be the only helper.  With several volunteers, everyone can pitch in.

Lastly, start making your contest plans.  The schedule is very full and there are a lot of opportunities all over South Central.  Let your CD’s know you are coming so they can plan.

I can’t wait to see all of you at a future event…