Hitting the ground running

Posted by Toby W. Silhavy
Posted on 5/5/2019

regpicWell, as you might be aware, I was asked to be the North Central Regional Director a few days ago.  I am excited with the new position and am happy to serve IMAC in any way I can.  I would like to THANK Ray Morton for having many of the hard tasks already completed for me.  Again, thank you Ray!  I will give you a little info on myself.  I have been flying since the age of 5 and have flown free flight, control line, and then into RC in the early 80’s.  I have flown many types of RC events over the years including pylon racing, pattern, scale, gliders, and then to my love, IMAC.  I have been active in IMAC since 2000 and many people have seen me drag my wife Jeannette and kids all around the North Central District.  I have been fortunate to fly all over the country flying IMAC.  I have been a nats judge on several occasions.  I have hosted multiple IMAC events throughout Ohio.  And I have been fortunate to be selected for the IMAC Worlds 2018 in the Advanced Class. 

     As the title says, I’m hitting the ground running and will be attending several contests this year.  I want to hear from you (the North Central) and what you would like to see done and happen in our Great District.  I’m always a call, email, or text away.  I’m planning on having this blog space used regularly, so check back often.  I would also like pictures that we can regularly post in this space.  Again, if you need anything please feel free to contact me:  Isaac and I look for to flying with you in a few weeks!!!!  PS winter is OVER!!!!                                                                  937-763-3264 (cell/text)


Thanks everyone for all the support!

Toby Silhavy


“Chase the Dream, not the competition”"