Posted by Toby W. Silhavy
Posted on 8/30/2019




I would like to thank all the competitors and family that made it out to the 5th annual CMA IMAC BASH 2019.  I hosted the event at my farm this year and I believe it was a huge success.  This event would not be possible without the support of my wife, kids, my best friend Joey, and the Clinton Model Aviators!!!!  We all put in a lot of work to provide golf course runways and the after competition festivities.  We try to make this a family fun competition that is low cost but maximizes the fun we can have over a couple of days.  This years highlights were my wife Jeannette’s awesome fajita dinner, fireworks, campfire, and awesome competition between friends!  There were some tight races in several classes and it came down to a couple of points separation between first through third place.  We had awesome weather and I appreciate all of the support the pilots gave throughout the competition. Of special note, I would like to thank Rob Willis and his wife for making us a special dinner on Friday night and for all the help Rob gave in setting up the judging matrix!  It is very much appreciated!!!!  Just so you know, Rob is summiting his Speaker Hat to Sharktank!            cma3


Well; believe it or not, we are down to the regional championships in a couple of weekends (Sept 14-15).  First thing, I want to tell the district, is thank you for all of the support this year!  Second, Rob and Sheri will be having a serve yourself lunch, and we will be having a wonderful stir fry for dinner Saturday night.  More info in a couple days on our dinner.  Unfortunately, there is a sporting event going on at Ball State in Muncie and this has consumed all of the low price hotel rooms in the area.  I have researched and have booked a hotel in the Anderson area for about $100/night.  I would suggest looking in that area to find a reasonable rate.  It is only about 15 minutes further than going into Muncie.     This year, we will be having a freestyle contest included in our regionals.  So get your airplanes going, and lets have some fun!