School is Right Around the Corner

Posted by Steve Sides
Posted on 9/1/2015

Fall Leaves
The time of year when people are trying to get that last family activity planned and executed before the kids head back to school (or maybe already there). Maybe the beach, the mountains or just kicking back for a trip to the local favorite spot. All too soon will come the shopping, the school buses and the bustle of school back in session with the summer left as memories.

During August we had several events leading off with IMAC Over the Glades in DelRay Beach, FL that attracted 15 pilots. While they had to dodge several rainstorms (guess that’s normal for South Florida this time of year) CD Pedro Jordan was able to get in 3 known rounds and an unknown. Thanks to Pedro, Doug Christensen and all the group that put on this event. Middle of the month had the Sod Farm contest in Dalzell, SC. Always a pleasure to fly on someone else’s grass but think about 1400 acres of grass. If you don’t like the location of the sun or the direction of the wind you can simply reorient the flight line. If you get the opportunity you should look at the grass being grown for the Masters golf tournament. Very nice but probably wouldn’t want to fly on it (not that we’d get the chance). Charles and Phyllis Youngblood always run a great contest and this one was the same. A great time for all the 24 pilots that attended. Rounding out the month was the Mocksville Fall Classic. This year CD Howard Mathis graciously agreed to move the contest from its traditional date to accommodate a new contest on the schedule. Howard will have his regular date back next year. The corn that in past years caused some pilots concern was no issue since Mocksville has extended their runway by 200’.

Some news from the BOD. The Board of Directors has initiated a membership drive by providing a complete 35% Extra to be awarded to one of the IMAC members. To be eligible to win, you simply need to join IMAC between now and the end of 2015. For those of us that are already members you can still be eligible to win be extending your membership. Also the BOD has reviewed the first cut of the new IMAC website. Lots of upgraded features. The website software has been through the initial testing stage and is now undergoing a wider test phase. No firm date for going live has been established but it has cleared a major hurdle.

Flying and Judging question. Spins are probably one of the most difficult maneuvers to judge when it comes to the stall portion. Lots of discussion on whether the aircraft actually stalled or the pilot got impatient and helped it along. Sometimes it’s quite clear – other times not so much. Unfortunately this is one of the maneuvers that can be zeroed if the judge determines that the aircraft didn’t stall. Whether or not the aircraft stalled is particularly hard to determine if the aircraft is far away from the judges and/or the stall is performed downwind. The rulebook calls for the aircraft nose and a wing to drop simultaneously initiating autorotation. If the judge is confident that the aircraft did not stall then the appropriate zero should be awarded. If there is some doubt in the judges’ mind the pilot should always be given the benefit of that doubt. Now for the question part. When is the line leading into the spin not judged ? Please check out the spin portion of Family 9 in the 2015-2016 IMAC Rulebook.

Safe and fun flying to all. See ya’ll at the contest !