Toledo Expo/Judging School/IMAC Primers/New Forums/AC UPKEEP

Posted by Toby W. Silhavy
Posted on 2/15/2020

Everyone we are fast approaching the 66th Toledo Model Expo!  This year we will be manning the IMAC booth and we are again fortunate to have Bert Garrison making us another slide show to be displayed on a monitor throughout the weekend.  WE NEED PICS!!!!  Bert has asked us to submit 2019 IMAC photos to him by the end of February.  Many if not all the members were sent an email to send pictures to Bert.  You can send pictures to  The district really appreciates all the photos you can send!

judgingschoolJust a few weeks after the Toledo show has finished we will be having our annual judging seminar at the AMA Headquarters.  The judging seminar is always a good place to brush up on current rules and ask questions from experts from throughout our district.  If you are a new pilot interested in IMAC this is the place for you!

This year we will be hosting several new IMAC Primers aimed at the new/beginner pilot.  Many new pilots who have never made it to a contest will find these welcoming events where you learn how to fly in front of judges and what to expect from competition.  These are “low-key” events where you have no pressure and you can learn about what the North Central IMAC Family is all about.  FUN, FAMILY, and COMPETITION!!!!  We hope to see you there!!!!


I would like to invite all NC IMAC members to enjoy our new forum page.  Please remember you will need to register again as this forum page is totally new and it is very easy to upload pictures and put links to YouTube videos.  Also;if you have not registered on the new site, you CANNOT see the members only section that is for current IMAC members.

Last; but not least, I would like to remind all the members to go over their aircraft before the season begins.  Replace worn out components and check those batteries.  I can’t wait to see everyone soon!!!! Toby….