Welcome To The New IMAC Website!

Posted by Doug Pilcher
Posted on 9/12/2015

Lost Squadron IMAC 2015-6634

Picture Provided by SC’s own Rich Whitlow

Welcome all to the shiny new IMAC site! You will find it to be quite forward thinking and laid out. I think you will agree it has all the elements we grew to embrace in the older site and changes and enhancements to meet our demanding growth and needs moving forward. Roy Borrow deserves a round of applause for this monumental task and end product. Know that changes will continue to be made to address items as they become needed and further improve on the site.

One of the biggest changes is the “Event Registration”. It now adds some very key components and issues in past. Biggest being you will be able to add “Unknowns” manager directly on event submission. This notifies both the RD and Unknowns committee which should eliminate the “OH Crap, Doug, I have not submitted for my unknowns yet” and the slap Doug gets for unknowns not requested in the 2 week before contest date outline from old site. 2nd biggest improvement is the implementation of a Google Maps connect which is attached to a “PHYSICAL ADDRESS” entry line. Not GPS coordinates as AMA uses. Now, some of you have very rural sites I realize. But most do have a physical address. And you can even use physical address of property which for my field I found thru County records of land. This will generate a clickable map for driving directions from the pilots address registering for the contest! Very nice!

Google Maps Addition


Please feel free to contact me with any needs or questions you may have with different components of the site that you need answers too. If I can not answer them we will step up support level to Roy! Smile


Doug Pilcher