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Red Book Review - February

Posted by tl3
Posted on 2/1/2017

February 2017, Issue 1 – Before, During, and After.

Though the Northeast remains in the steadfast grip of Old Man Winter, believe it or not we are rapidly approaching contest weather. Many of you who live in fairer weather portions of the country are already practicing and contest flying, so now is a great time to do a quick review of some rules that impact every contestant at every contest.

What figures are allowable before, between, and after a sequence? I often mention in judging schools that if we had a written rule to address every possible scenario we would have to measure our rulebook not by pages, but by volumes. In other words, the rule book tells us what we can do, not what we can’t do. There are simply not enough trees for the latter. In the case of legal turn-around figures, the book is clear. For the purposes of this review, I’ll list the applicable rule and page number rather than quoting and reproducing the rule in its entirety. Legal turn-around figures are listed in Rule 13.5 (SCA 12 - 13) of your red book. The only allowable figures are as follows:

· Turns (not inverted turns).

· Half (1/2) and reverse half (1/2) Cubans with an optional half (1/2) roll on the 45 degree line.

· Half (1/2) loops up or down with only one half roll on entry or exit.

· A single half (1/2) roll immediately prior to start for sequences that begin inverted.

· A single half (1/2) roll immediately after completion for sequences that end inverted.

· Vertical line up or down - a single half (1/2) is permitted only when required to properly orient the aircraft to begin the first maneuver.

There you have it, a complete list of what is allowable. What is not allowable? Anything not specifically spelled out on the above list! So, listen up all you intermediate, advanced, and unlimited jockeys! Sportsman? Pay attention as well, you could start or finish belly up in an unknown. If you choose to complete your first sequence and remain inverted while performing a turn to set up entry for the second sequence, please don’t unleash a verbal beat down on your CD and judges when you receive a zero for the second sequence. Just in case my feeble attempt at utilizing humor to pound home a point manages to elude anyone: INVERTED TURNS ARE NOT LEGAL TURNAROUND FIGURES. Sorry, I’m not really yelling, I just like using a big hammer.

The best way to stay up to date on the rules is to attend one of your regions judging schools. Most regions are planning at least two schools, and if one of those does not fit into your schedule, Brad Davey is planning another online school this spring, watch for an announcement on that. IMAC also has the online course still active and you can access that through the Downloads tab on the IMAC site. Of course, if all else fails, you can download and read the 2017 - 2018 Scale Aerobatics Rules here. Happy flying and safe landings!

Quick Quiz: How many points should be deducted when a roll element that is required to be centered on a line is flown with either no line before or no line after the roll element?

Hint: before or = ????

Upcoming Judging Schools by Region

Northeast: Stay Tuned


February 25 - 26: North Florida Judging School, Jacksonville FL. Contact - Peter Jackson: email

March 11 - 12: Triple Tree Judging School, Woodruff, SC. Contact: Phyllis or Charles Youngblood: email

March 11 - 12: Clover Creek Judging School, Toone, TN. Contact - Gil Major: email

March 25 - 26: North Carolina Judging School, Welcome, NC. Contact - Steve Sides: email

North Central:

April 22 - 23: North Central IMAC Judging School, Muncie IN. Contact - Mike Karnes: email

South Central -

March 4 - 5: Central Oklahoma Judging School, Norman OK. Contact - Shane Snyder: email

March 18 - 19: LA Judging School, Shreveport, LA. Contact Rich Whitlow: email

Northwest -

March 4 - 5: Northwest Judging School, Richland, WA. Contact - Clark Hymas: email

Southwest - Stay Tuned

International - Stay Tuned

From the Archives

A little brain teaser from 2011 courtesy of Curtis Cozier:

This past weekend the season started here in the SE and I had the pleasure to judge the Sportsman class, but I noticed something: Almost everyone who came up, had their caller call maneuver #4 as a 1/2 Square loop!  As a sequence committee member and instructor it made me cringe. Why, you might ask? Well, in IMAC there is no such thing as a 1/2 square loop. Now, I know you are saying who is this guy and what does it matter, valid question. Most of the time I am fine with a maneuver being called whatever you want as long as you and your caller understand each other, but this example could cause some confusion.  Now, it’s your job to figure out the why.


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