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Posted by tl3
Posted on 5/18/2017

tl3Ty Lyman – Lifelong aviation nerd.  Began rc-flying in 1997 and the IMAC obsession in 1999.  Full time father and domestic manager.  Currently serve as IMAC Chief Judging Instructor, Chair of the Education Committee, and Co-Chair of the Sequence Committee.




keithKeith Cannon

I am a 25 year old Electrical Engineering Tech who got involved in RC a few years ago. This is my second season flying IMAC and I look forward to each event. I have a great passion for flying and a bigger passion to model. I reside in Parker, CO with my Wife and Black Lab. I look forward to serving IMAC in any way and continue on the legacy. 


Steve SidesSteve Sides - I live in Greensboro in the beautiful Piedmont area of North Carolina. I’ve been an IMAC participant for 5 seasons now and never get tired of aerobatics. Currently serving as the SERD and enjoying interacting with everyone in the IMAC family. Hope to be competitive in Unlimited before the bucket list gets trashed. Now about that practice…



Adi Kochav ProfileAdi Kochav - From Jerusalem Israel, Started flying since I was 13 mostly free flight gliders, Started to fly R/C Scale aerobatic only in 2007. In 2009 I've imported IMAC to Israel, this league is part of our national Aero Club. Did my first international contest NATs 2013 Advance class and Worlds 2014. Since then I've participated in several more in the UK, CZ and Italy flying IMAC and Freestyle. I do believe that IMAC is not just about flying, it's about flying with friends!


Kevin Schmidt – I’ve been flying RC for 5 years, but have been around it my whole life.  I started with little park flyers and within the first year had 30 planes, 67" being the biggest, and would take them all out nearly every weekend.  Three years ago I bought a Great Planes Cap 232 with a 40cc gas motor and was trying to start it, when Tom Burndrett lent me a hand.  He told me to do to maneuvers back to back, and then 3 and then 4.  Within 2 months I entered my first IMAC contest and was hooked.  I attended 8 events last year as a basic pilot in the South Central Region and ended the year 7 points from winning the district for Basic.  I was also the CD for our club's IMAC event and now I am a Judge and a Co-ARD for Kansas and Missouri flying Sportsman.  I am also the Vice President at RC Barnstormers in Hillsdale Kansas.