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Southwest Georgia's RC Flying Club

Friday, 11/06/2020 - Sunday, 11/08/2020

Hello SE, 

I would like to invite you to our SE Regional Championship; the event is open to anyone who would like to participate on either the IMAC or the F3S competition. We have several members in FL who will be doing both. I have teamed up with the one and only, MR. Wayne Mathews who will be overseeing the F3S side of the competition. The request for his presence and his love for aviation is what gave me this idea.

My friends; please understand that under normal circumstances the IMAC event would only be by invitation only but we can all agree, this year has not been a normal one.

Let us get together as family and friends, Fly! Fly! Fly! And enjoy each other’s company, with some aerobatic competition on the side.


I have located a new field in South West GA. South West GA Xtreme RC Club. For some time now, they have wanted to host an event there and we are going to answer that call. I have spoken with the club president and the members are very much looking forward to having this event there. The club has a 1500-foot long runway with 900 acres of open space, no fly over issues, no sound issues, (I just may remove the sound score of the sheet, JK LOL).


Novice Class will be offer for this contest;

This class is specifically for pilots who would like to try IMAC in a stress free non-competitive environment. Novice class will fly on Saturday only. Aircraft DOES NOT need to be a scale aerobatic aircraft. Pilots will fly the 2019 Basic sequence along with the Basic class and will be judged and scored by IMAC certified judges. Pilot will receive tips, techniques and feedback; this is a fantastic way to be involve on what precision aerobatics is all about without the competition aspect of the contest. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED


Please review the flyer for the location and dates and sign up on the IMAC site.

More details to follow.

Last Name First Name Class FreeStyle Senior School
Garceau David Basic No No No
Jacobs Emelindo "Tony" Basic No No No
Daniel Bill Sportsman No Yes No
Kavak Devin Sportsman Yes No No
Kelley Mike Sportsman No Yes No
Martin Donald Sportsman No Yes No
Templeton Ben Sportsman No No Yes
Woodruff Gavin Sportsman No No No
Anaya Carlos Intermediate No No No
Bracey Doug Intermediate No Yes No
Cano Pablo Advanced No No No
Gentry Don Advanced No No No
Baker Jim Unlimited No No No
Baker Dan Unlimited No Yes No
Rivera Primo Unlimited Yes No Yes
Ryan Joe Unlimited No Yes No
Wilson Kevin Unlimited No No No
Yanguas Alvaro Unlimited No No Yes
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Primo Rivera
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