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IMAC Israel, Hosting the 5th, EURO CUP 2021 open contest. (2 unknowns)

Metisei H'agalil

Thursday, 10/21/2021 - Saturday, 10/23/2021

Euro Cup 2021

The 5th contest will be held in KIriat Shmona Israel

Its a 3 days contest 

Total flights as followed: 8 Knowns, 2 unknowns, 3 freestyle. Each pilot will have the ability to fly 13 flight in total.

First day; 4 knowns, 1 unknown (will be delivered the day before at pilkots briefing)

Second day; 3 knowns, 1 unknown, 1 freestyle

Third day; 1 known, 2 freestyle


This contest is open to all IMAC memebers worlwide

Paid judges and purse money including raffle prizes


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Adi Kochav
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