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On-Line IMAC Judging School

On-Line Judging School

Saturday, 04/24/2021 - Sunday, 04/25/2021

North Central IMAC Judging

On-Line School

Sat /Sun April 24/25   9:00 AM - 1 PM EST

On-Line School via GoTo Meeting


Update and refresh your judging knowledge, get ready for the upcoming IMAC Season!   School open to all IMAC members. Four hours each day to cover the material.

Please note: New pilots are welcome to attend this NC School, however participation in the Introduction To IMAC School on April 8 is highly recommended and will assist your learning process.  

Participants should understand Aresti language prior to attending this school.  Resources to learn Aresti are available on the IMAC Website under the Training tab.

Instructors: Toby Silhavy, Matt Komar, Lou Matustik, Bill Teeter

Please register on NC Region under pilot registration


On-Line coordinates for the GoTo meeting will be posted on this site prior to the school.  The GoTo meeting will be available for early login prior to 9 AM on both days.  Participants are encouraged to keep their microphones muted and webcams are optional.


Please send any questions about this session to:

 Bill Teeter   billteeter1@gmail.com


Last Name First Name Class FreeStyle Senior School
avallone anthony Basic No No No
avallone anthony Basic No No No
Boulerice Michel Basic No No Yes
Morrow John Basic No No No
Pierce David Basic No No No
Pierce David Basic No No No
Rosa juan Basic No No Yes
Tressler Richard Basic No No No
VanMeter Perry Basic No No No
Rogala Ed Sportsman No No No
Rominger Eric Sportsman No No No
Weismiller Rob Sportsman No No No
Daly Jim Intermediate No Yes No
Hugg James Intermediate No No No
Lundrigan Glen Intermediate No Yes No
McMillan Paul Intermediate No No No
Roxberry Michael Intermediate No Yes Yes
Silhavy Toby Intermediate No No No
Komar Matt Advanced No No Yes
Reichert Daniel Advanced No No Yes
Reichert Daniel Advanced No Yes No
Teeter Bill Advanced No Yes Yes
Matustik Louis A. Unlimited No No Yes
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Contest Director
Toby Silhavy
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