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Remote Possibilities St George IMAC

Remote Possibilities

Saturday, 04/30/2022 - Sunday, 05/01/2022

AMA Sanction# 12696

It has been a while since we had a contest in Utah and we are excited to work with the local club in Saint George again to bring this event back. this is one of the best maintained facility in the southwest with great people and scenery. J

  • Field will be open for pilots to practice Friday April 30th 
  • will arrange for our hospitality members to provide Continental Breakfast Sat/Sun, and Barbeque Lunch both days. All payments are deemed 'donations' So be fair to the club. 
  • 12V at the field for charger and plenty of room to pit on astroturf along with plenty of parking. 
  • Many great hotels in the area since there is No Overnight Camping.
  • pilots can leave trailers on site and we will designate one person to stay on site and watch over the equiqment. 
  • This is a private club on a water treatment center so we will be sure to lock the gate behind us every night.
  • Registration Fee $50 for IMAC and $70 for non-IMAC

Last Name First Name Class FreeStyle Senior School
Kirton Joe Basic No No No
Carlson Jeff w. Sportsman No No No
Fassman Josh Sportsman No No No
Olshavsky John Sportsman No Yes No
Terzo Gil Sportsman No Yes No
Yotam Tomer Sportsman No No Yes
Nipkow Daniel Intermediate No Yes No
Worsham Jeff Intermediate No Yes No
Ziegler Jim Intermediate No No No
Campbell Jacob Advanced No No No
Marcellin Michael Advanced No Yes No
Telles Jacques Advanced No Yes Yes
Wegner Randy Advanced No Yes Yes
Dreiling Alex Unlimited No No No
Green Raymond Unlimited No Yes No
Nipkow Mel Unlimited Yes No No
Quenette Kim Unlimited No No No
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Heads up!

This event will use ALTERNATE Sequences (Int/Adv/Unl).
Contest Director
Kim Quenette
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