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State College IMAC Challenge

State College RC Club

Saturday, 05/14/2022 - Sunday, 05/15/2022

Welcome all to the State College IMAC Challenge.  We are excited to have everyone back in 2022.  We will have our field available for practice all day Friday with a plan to start flying first thing Saturday.  This will be a two day event with the usual number of sequences and drops.

For those not familiar, we fly from a full scale grass runway that will be fully groomed ( we like the wheel pants) rolled and ready for flying fun.  We now have an improved indoor space with indoor bathrooms as a bonus.  

Basic lunch food will be available each day and there are lots of resturaunts in the area for evening meals.  A spaghetti dinner on site might be available depending on the number of people interested.  Lots to do in the area for non-flying folks as well.  Please register early so we can plan for needs and services.

Campers are welcome but we have no hookups.  

Hope to see you all in May!!

Last Name First Name Class FreeStyle Senior School
Kerkhoff Ed Basic No No No
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Heads up!

This event will use ALTERNATE Sequences (Int/Adv/Unl).
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Jon Guizar
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