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RC Barnstormers Aerobatic Fun Fly

RC Barnstormers

Saturday, 05/14/2022 - Sunday, 05/15/2022


RC Barnstormers Aerobatic Fun Fly
MAY 14-15, 2022
AMA membership is required to participate in this event.
LOCATION: Hillsdale Lake, Kansas. See direction in the club link below.
TIME: Can come anytime during the day. See more details below.
Sponsored by: RCB – RC Barnstormers Radio Control Club.
RCB website:
AMA Sanction #: 12649
This activity is for all pilots that are interested in improving his or her piloting skills.
Therefore, it will work for all seasoned aerobatic pilot or any RC pilot wanting to
learn precision aerobatics (IMAC, F3P, FAI-F3a, F3S, SPA or AMA pattern) flying.
Here is the tentative schedule. All these activities are optional and will evolve as
each pilot decides what he would like to do:
1. Coaching give and take from some of the top RC Aerobatic pilots in the area.
2. Judging of practice flights or specific maneuvers and flight elements.
3. It is recommended to be at the field by 10 AM for the pilots meeting.
4. More important. The main objective is to come and have fun with fellow pilots.
5. The event is sanction by AMA #11054
The activity is free. Pre-registration is not required but please send an e-mail to
Vince Bortone (vincebrc@gmail.com) if you are thinking of attending or have any
questions concerning the event. If you are active pattern or IMAC pilot use the
below links to pre-register.
I hope to see you there!
More information can be found at the following links. You can use the following links to
pre-register too:

Last Name First Name Class FreeStyle Senior School
Bortone Vicente "Vince" Intermediate No Yes No
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Contest Director
Vicente Bortone

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