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2022 Scale Aerobatics National Championships - 5 Sets Unknowns


Tuesday, 06/28/2022 - Friday, 07/01/2022

Nats 2022 Scale Aerobatics National Championships



1) Monday 06/27/2022 - Pilots Meeting /Roll Call -5:00 PM. Brief Judging Refresher. (Old School Pilot Pin Draw De-Conflict) First set of Unknowns distributed.

2) Tuesday 06/28/2022 — Friday 07/01/2022 Competition

3) Thursday Evening Banquet and final sets of Unknowns handed out.

4) Friday is final flights and Freestyle and Trophies and Awards Presentations

Site 3 is available for practice on June 27th / Site 4 may be available with Free Fly Pilots

Contestant Judging will be in place. (Scribes are Judges Responsibility.)

Foamies/night flyers are allowed in the evenings.

**Reminder! Format —3/1 Format with 80/20 Split. First 3 Days qualify for Regional Points. Day 4 will be 2 Knowns and 2 Unknowns with Lowest flight dropped of Each! **


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Last Name First Name Class FreeStyle Senior School
Pierce David Sportsman No Yes Yes
Priese Chuck Sportsman No No No
Rogers Ken Sportsman No Yes Yes
Bortone Vicente "Vince" Intermediate No Yes Yes
Christensen Brian Intermediate Yes No Yes
Diaz Danny Intermediate No Yes Yes
Hughes Tim Intermediate No No Yes
Osses Guillermo Intermediate No No No
Whitlow Rich Intermediate No Yes Yes
Marcellin Michael Advanced No Yes No
Reichert Daniel Advanced No Yes Yes
Batts Ben Unlimited Yes No No
Matustik Louis A. Unlimited No No No
Scharping Nick Unlimited Yes No Yes