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2022 Scale Aerobatics National Championships - 5 Sets Unknowns


Tuesday, 06/28/2022 - Friday, 07/01/2022

Nats 2022 Scale Aerobatics National Championships


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1) Monday 06/27/2022 - Pilots Meeting /Roll Call -5:00 PM. Brief Judging Refresher. (Old School Pilot Pin Draw De-Conflict) First set of Unknowns distributed.

2) Tuesday 06/28/2022 — Friday 07/01/2022 Competition

3) Thursday Evening Banquet and final sets of Unknowns handed out.

4) Friday is final flights and Freestyle and Trophies and Awards Presentations

Site 3 is available for practice on June 27th / Site 4 may be available with Free Fly Pilots

Contestant Judging will be in place. (Scribes are Judges Responsibility.)

Foamies/night flyers are allowed in the evenings.

**Reminder! Format —3/1 Format with 80/20 Split. First 3 Days qualify for Regional Points. Day 4 will be 2 Knowns and 2 Unknowns with Lowest flight dropped of Each! **


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Contest Director
Doug Pilcher
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