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Annual Spring Classic (Rescheduled)

Bay City Flyers

Saturday, 08/13/2022 - Sunday, 08/14/2022

Rescheduled Annual Spring Classic at Bay City flyers

I want to welcome everyone to the rescheduled Annual Spring Classic at Bay City flyers field on the 13th and 14th of Aug 2022. We will be opening the field on Friday 12th of June for practice. Our club members will also be using the field that day.

When you reach our gate there will be a lock labeled IMAC with the combination of 0000. After you pass through that gate, you must close and relock the gate. If people do not know this combination, do not let them pass onto the property!

We will be able to park trailers in the designated parking areas for two nights, Friday and Saturday. There will be two overnight campers in RVs, on the first to contact me basis, to watch over the property and the trailers.

Please preregister online for the contest on the IMAC site.

Pre-registration fee is $40, if you are not pre-registered, the fee will be $65. There will be sign in on Friday and early Saturday. The Annual Spring Classic will have many contestants. We will have Pilots’ meeting at 0800 and start flying no latter then 0830. I want to get in a minimum of three rounds on Saturday, more if possible.

Sunday will be the Unknowns; basic class will fly one sequence of knowns. My goal is to complete the contest before noon on Sunday. Looking forward to a good friendly competitive contest, if you have any questions, please contact me or the CC below.


Novice Class will be offered for this contest.

This class is designed for pilots who would like to try IMAC in a stress free non-competitive environment.  Novice class will fly on Saturday only.  Aircraft DOES NOT need to be a scale aerobatic aircraft.  Pilots will fly the 2020 Basic sequence along with the Basic class and will be judged and scored by IMAC certified judges.  Pilot will receive tips, techniques and feedback and this is a fantastic way to be involved on what precision aerobatics is all about without the competition and stress factor aspect of the contest. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED,   (Disclaimer) there is no antidote for the IMAC bug bite.


Greg Baggerly CD

E-mail: gbaggerly@gmail.com  CP (813)-310-3182

Our web site is http://baycityflyers.org/

Our web site shows the field location

For hotel information



Last Name First Name Class FreeStyle Senior School
Bracey Doug Intermediate No Yes No
Foster Randy Intermediate No Yes No
Recchia Giovanni Intermediate No Yes No
Baggerly Gregory Advanced No Yes Yes
Gentry Don Advanced No No No
Meadows Billy Advanced No Yes No
Murphy Ronald Advanced No Yes No
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Contest Director
Greg Baggerly
813 310-3182
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