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Molalla IMAC Challenge

Molalla RC

Saturday, 07/22/2023 - Sunday, 07/23/2023

Greetings competitors to the 2023 Molalla IMAC Challenge, Saturday July 22 & Sunday the 23rd.

All you enthusiastic flyers regionaly are welcome and we're looking forward to a wonderful event.
Please be advised alternate sequences and unknowns will be flown due to field orientation.
Coffee provided each morning with pastries, water bottles all day, also provided are Subway mixed sandwich platters for lunch Saturday and Sunday, probably with Pete’s reasonably priced barbecue Saturday evening or a similar alternative.
There will be fine prizes for the foamy challenge course, freestyle and IMAC categories.

Please park your RV’s leaving plenty of space for congregating and viewing up and down the field from the central area, and placing your canopies accordingly. Instructions and suggestions posted.
The gate should be open that week. 

$40 entrance fee.
No cost electricity or parking fee, donations accepted.

2023 Molalla IMAC Schedule
Saturday July 22
7:00am Breakfast coffee and pastries provided.
Pilot registration begins 7:00AM, completed by 8:00AM 
Opening ceremony & Pilot meeting about 8:00 AM (although historically seems to run a half hour late….)
Wheels up goal 8:30 AM (or so….)
Saturday lunch provided: Subway platter sandwich selections
-Freestyle will be flown 1/2hr after the completion of competitive flying on Saturday, with five judges scoring according to 5 categories on a scale of 0-10: creativity, association with the music, accuracy & precision, use of airspace, overall aesthetic.
Saturday dinner: probably Pete’s barbeque probably $15 
-After dinner the fun foamy challenge will be flown with the winner’s aircraft remaining operational till completing the proscribed course in the least amount of time.
Sunday July 24
Breakfast: coffee & pastries provided
Pilots meeting 8:00am. Wheels up 8:30
Sunday lunch provided: Subway platter sandwich selections
Closing meeting, awards and prizes

contest director John Takacs backed up by family, Russ Welton & field membership and regional director and esteemed regional flyers.

John Takacs DO
cell/text: 503-351-1211

Heads up!

This event will use ALTERNATE Sequences (Int/Adv/Unl).
Contest Director
John Takacs
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