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Annual Spring Classic 2023 at Bay City flyers

Bay City Flyers

Saturday, 06/10/2023 - Sunday, 06/11/2023

Annual Spring Classic 2023 at Bay City Flyers

I want to welcome everyone to the Annual Spring Classic on June 10-11 2023.

Field will be open for practice on Friday June 9 for practice.

There will be a Pad lock on the gate labeled IMAC the combination is 0000. After you pass through that gate make sure you close and relock the gate.

We will be able to park trailers for two nights, Friday and Saturday.

There will be two overnight campers in RV's to watch over the property and Trailers on Friday and Saturday

Please pre-register for the contest online at the IMAC site. $40, not pre-registered $65.

Greg Baggerly CD, Cell Phone (813) 3103182, gbaggerly@gmail.com


See you at the Contest


Contest Director
Greg Baggerly
(813) 310-3182
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