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Winter Roundup at Felix Ranch

Sun Lakes Radio Control Club

Saturday, 02/16/2019 - Sunday, 02/17/2019

This contest will use the Alternate Sequences for Intermediate through Unlimited.

Entry fees are $70 for non-IMAC members and $50 for IMAC members.  There is a special rate of $40 for first time Basic pilots.

Early registration will be available on Friday.  The field is open for practice on Friday.

The Pilots Meeting will be 8:00 am Saturday morning.

Food will be available at the field Saturday and Sunday.

Overnight camping is allowed, there are no hook-ups at the field.

Last Name First Name Class FreeStyle Senior School
McIntyre Mike Basic No No No
Clark Steve Sportsman No Yes No
Maguire Jim Sportsman No Yes No
Mason Gene Sportsman No Yes No
May Jesse Sportsman No No Yes
ALON Guy Intermediate No No Yes
Bohardt Paul Intermediate No Yes No
Bruce David Intermediate No No No
MacGregor Joe Intermediate No Yes No
Neves Jason Intermediate No No Yes
Nipkow Mel Intermediate Yes No No
Nipkow Daniel Intermediate No Yes No
Telles Jacques Intermediate No Yes Yes
Wegner Randy Intermediate No Yes Yes
Bruce Cayden Advanced Yes No Yes
Marcellin Michael Advanced No Yes No
Mccall Jim Advanced No Yes No
Dreiling Alex Unlimited No No Yes
KUHN DARREN Unlimited No Yes No
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Heads up!

This event will use ALTERNATE Sequences (Int/Adv/Unl).
Contest Director
Joe MacGregor
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