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IMAC Judging School at Clover Creek

Clover Creek Radio Control Club

Saturday, 03/02/2019 - Sunday, 03/03/2019

The 2019 - 2020 rules will be out soon, and yes there are changes.


Come join us for the Schroder and Clover Creek hospitality you have become accustomed!


This year we will also be hosting, on Friday 1 March 2019, an IMAC Clinic to help with aircraft set up and flying. 


Teaching, Coaching, and Mentoring will be 8-5 on Friday

Sign up all day Friday, and open again Saturday morning at 7am

Class 8-5 on Saturday

Practical discussion at 8am on Sunday

Practical exercise at 9am

You should be on the road headed home by noon.


Please bring a chair for the practical

Be prepared for 70 degrees and 20 degrees; we have seen both on the judging school weekend.

Cost per pilot $40 See flyer for more details


Questions - email me at gilrmajor.cca@gmail.com or call 912 604 1087 (weekdays 8-5 I am at work with no access to my cell; please leave a message!)

Last Name First Name Class FreeStyle Senior School
Ashburn Pierce Basic No No No
Hummel Richard Basic No No No
Jackson Jeremy Basic No No Yes
Kayich Larry Basic No No Yes
watts jason Basic No No No
Dams Paul Sportsman No No No
Folsom Bobby Sportsman No Yes No
Jackson William Sportsman No No Yes
Johnson Mike Sportsman Yes No No
Templeton Ben Sportsman No No No
Walker Ronald Sportsman No Yes No
Young Thomas Sportsman No No No
Hedrick Jj Intermediate Yes No Yes
Herron David Intermediate No No Yes
Major Gil Intermediate No Yes Yes
turner kevin Intermediate Yes No No
Young Luke Intermediate Yes No Yes
Knight Phillip Advanced No Yes Yes
Turner Evan Advanced Yes No Yes
Hamilton Stephen Unlimited No No No
Johnson Mitch Unlimited No No Yes
Moser David Unlimited Yes No Yes
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Gil R Major
912 604 1087
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