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Higgins Field Spring IMAC

Higgins Field

Saturday, 04/27/2019 - Sunday, 04/28/2019


Pilots meeting 8:00 am

Wheels up 8:30 am


Pilots meeting 8:00 am

Wheels up 8:15 am


Landing fees:

$60 landing fee, $40 with IMAC membership card.  First time ever IMAC contest - Free.


Novice Class will be offered for this contest;

This class is specifically for pilots who would like to try IMAC in a stress free non-competitive environment.  Novice class will fly on Saturday only.  Aircraft DOES NOT need to be a scale aerobatic aircraft.  Pilots will fly the 2019 Basic sequence along with the Basic class and will be judged and scored by IMAC certified judges.  Pilot will receive tips, techniques and feedback; this is a fantastic way to be involve on what precision aerobatics is all about without the competition aspect of the contest. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED,   (Disclaimer) there is no antidote for the IMAC bite.


Last Name First Name Class FreeStyle Senior School
Marcus Dennis Basic No No No
Bennett James Sportsman No Yes Yes
Borg Jeff Sportsman No No Yes
Crow Rick Sportsman No Yes Yes
iverson bob Sportsman Yes No Yes
King Rick Sportsman No Yes Yes
Bowman Darren Intermediate No No Yes
Vasquez Gale Intermediate No No No
Astlund Steve Advanced No No No
Burgad William Advanced No Yes Yes
Hymas Clark Advanced No No Yes
Piorun Henry Advanced No Yes Yes
Bodeau Keith Unlimited No No Yes
Verzwyvelt Michael Unlimited No No Yes
Villwock Dave Unlimited No Yes Yes
Webb Brian Unlimited No No Yes
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