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Creston Valley RC Aerobatic Competition

Creston Valley RC Club

Saturday, 05/02/2020 - Sunday, 05/03/2020

Further details of Accommodation in town for those who are not camping at the field will be put on our web site closer to the competition date.

Saturday pilots' meeting 8:00am and wheels up by 8:30

Sunday pilots' meeting 8:00am and wheels up at 8:30am

Overnight camping/RV's are allowed at the field.  Dry camping only.

Alternate sequence will be flown.

Contestants are welcome to come and fly the week prior to the event.  You will need to contact Glenn Mohr 250-428-3376 or Brent Bauer 250-428-1865 to get access to the field if you are early.

Registration fee $40 for members and $60 for non IMAC members.

Registration is open on Friday and Saturday at 7:00 am

Lunch will be available on Saturday and a posible BBQ on Saturday night depending on interest.

For google directions and field views as well as updated information as the event gets closer click here click here

Heads up!

This event will use ALTERNATE Sequences (Int/Adv/Unl).
Contest Director
Glenn Mohr
2504283376 or 2504281865
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