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Silver Hills Imac

Silver Hills RC flyers

Saturday, 08/22/2020 - Sunday, 08/23/2020

Covid Social distancing Required, Food will be served after sequences flown on Saturday. Server will be wearing mask and gloves while prepairing your plate including beverage. Donations accepted at that time. There will be hand sanitizer on hand. All pets on leash. $10.00 per night field access fee. $ 40.00 contest entry fee. Basic pays no entry fee.

Last Name First Name Class FreeStyle Senior School
Borg Jeff Sportsman No No Yes
Crow Rick Sportsman No Yes Yes
iverson bob Sportsman No No No
King Rick Sportsman No Yes No
Karmy James Intermediate No Yes Yes
Vasquez Gale Intermediate Yes Yes Yes
Astlund Steve Advanced No No No
Hymas Clark Advanced Yes No Yes
Bodeau Keith Unlimited No No Yes
Verzwyvelt Michael Unlimited No No Yes
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Heads up!

This event will use ALTERNATE Sequences (Int/Adv/Unl).
Contest Director
William Burgad
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