Event Results

Dakota Thunder IMAC

Rapic City Propbusters R/C Club

Saturday, 06/19/2021 - Sunday, 06/20/2021

Dakota Thunder

Overall, there were 7 pilots flying in the Dakota Thunder contest. In no particular order they were: Aarsh Mathur, Dan McKeag, Darren Schwede, Gene Jobjen, jim tiller, Ken Gatzke and Warren Malone. These pilots flew a grand total of 36 judged sequences.

Warren Malone won the Basic class. There were 5 pilots in Basic. The winning order was: (1) Warren Malone, (2) jim tiller, (3) Aarsh Mathur, (4) Darren Schwede and (5) Ken Gatzke. They flew 3 known sequences (2 rounds). The scores ranged from a low of 349.8 to a high of 2,000 (a range of 1,650.2 points).

Gene Jobjen won the Sportsman class. There was 1 pilot in Sportsman. The winning order was: (1) Gene Jobjen. He flew 2 known sequences (1 round) and 1 unknown round.

The tightest competition was for 1st place in the Basic class, with only 22.3 points difference between Warren Malone and jim tiller.