Event Results

IMAC Israel "May Day" 2022 (Freestyle portion, NO Unknowns).

Ktziot Flying field

Friday, 05/06/2022 - Saturday, 05/07/2022

IMAC Israel May Day 2022 Freestyle

Overall, there were 16 pilots flying in the IMAC Israel May Day 2022 Freestyle contest. In no particular order they were: Adi Kochav, Alon Telishevsky, Ariel Kochav, Ben Cohen, Ben Maiman, Harel Koriat, Harel Kosary, Ilai Mualem, Itay Itzhakov, Itzhak Bendavid, Lior Levin, Noam Salomon, Ofek Hertz, Omer Koriat, Omri Goldfarb and Tal Perets. These pilots flew a grand total of 64 judged sequences.

Harel Koriat won the Freestyle class. There were 16 pilots in Freestyle. The winning order was: (1) Harel Koriat, (2) Adi Kochav, (3) Ben Cohen, (4) Lior Levin, (5) Harel Kosary, (6) Noam Salomon, (7) Ben Maiman, (8) Alon Telishevsky, (9) Itay Itzhakov, (10) Ofek Hertz, (11) Ilai Mualem, (12) Omer Koriat, (13) Tal Perets, (14) Itzhak Bendavid, (15) Omri Goldfarb and (16) Ariel Kochav. They flew 2 freestyle rounds. The scores ranged from a low of 561.2 to a high of 1,000 (a range of 438.8 points).

The tightest competition was for 11th place in the Freestyle class, with only 5 points difference between Ilai Mualem and Omer Koriat.

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