Event Results

2022 Pegasus FMAC IMAC Classic

Pegasus Radio Control Club

Saturday, 04/30/2022 - Sunday, 05/01/2022

The 2022 Northeast IMAC season is officially underway!  12 pilots met at Pegasus RC in Hagerstown, MD for the 2022 Pegasus FMAC IMAC Classic.  Jointly sponsored by two clubs, Pegasus RC and the Frederick Model Aircraft Club, this contest has a reputation for dishing up all kinds of weather. We have had cold, wind, hot, humid, rain, sunshine, all in one day in the past.  This weekend started out looking very promising, with cool temps (lows in the 40’s, highs in the 60’s) and  a chance of rain late Sunday afternoon.  Sometime between Thursday night and Friday afternoon, the forecast changed to rain starting Sunday morning.  With that threatening forecast, the pilots asked to do the unknown round on Saturday.  After some scrambling to get the unknowns from my unknown manager, we got them printed and distributed to the pilots before we started the second round.  After the second round, we took about a 45 minute break from flying to study the unknowns.  The unknown round finished a few minutes after 4, and with the forecast not improving, the pilots opted to fly a third round of knowns to make it a complete contest.  That took us until 6 pm, and then we had three pilots that wanted to do Freestyle.  All was completed about 7:00 PM with awards.

Some new faces appeared at the contest.  Charlie Dyke is a promising young man that flew his first contest. He had been practicing sportsman, but opted to fly Basic for his first contest.  He managed to fly both sequences on a single battery, and flew very well.  Ed Kerkhoff, a newcomer last year, also flew very well, and the final point separation between the two basic pilots was only 45.2 points.

Sportsman was expected to be a big class, but we ended up with only 4 pilots.  Jackson Baynes and Collin Clohan duked it out all weekend, with Jackson taking the top honors.  We also met a returning IMAC flyer from the North Central Region.  Ric Musselman has decided to get back into IMAC, and wanted an earlier start to his season, so he drove all the way from Akron Ohio with his newly built airplane trailer.  Although Ric had some tough luck on Friday when the prop bolts sheared off his DA-170, he had a backup plane ready for round 1.  After Round 2 he decided to switch his motors between the two planes, and managed to get his original plane back in the air for the unknowns.  His scores did improve with his original plane, so it was a worthwhile effort.

Intermediate featured Steve Bakke from Massachusetts facing off against a local Pegasus member Mike Hornbaker.  Mike finally decided to move up from Sportsman (about time), and the two pilots battled back and forth until the unknown, where Mike got reversed in the middle of the sequence.  Although Mike won 4 out of 6 known sequences, the margin from the unknown allowed Steve the win.

In Advanced, Skip Messick and Dave Dupre traded the lead back and forth, with each winning 3 of the 6 scored sequences.  Again, the unknown made the difference, and there was only 17.5 points between 1st and 2nd.  And Brad Davy, the contest director, also ran.

Earle Andrews went unchallenged in Unlimited when Philip Leister had to pull out a few days before the contest.  Earle opted out of the unknown for time, but did have fun playing stump the judges on a few maneuvers.  Intentional?  We’re not sure – you be the judge. 

Finally, in Freestyle, three pilots really wanted to fly, and have fun.  Jackson, Collin, and Charlie put on a great show.  In the end, Charlie and Jackson ended up tied.  Kudo’s to Charlie for his first contest and a shared win with Jackson.