Event Results



Saturday, 06/02/2018 - Sunday, 06/03/2018

The story of CAPI this year was rain, and the weather forecast that just wouldn't come true.  With a prediction for rain on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, our preregistred numbers dropped drastically, with only 8 preregistered pilots remaining by Saturday morning.  But despite the foreboding predictions, the arrival of thunderstorms kept getting pushed later and later.  So with three basic pilots, three intermediate pilots, one advanced pilot, and two unlimited pilots, we pressed forward!

With such a small group, we were able to get two rounds of knowns in by lunch time.  A short pilots meeting and consideration for the rain predicted for Sunday, the group unanimously agreed we should pass out the unknowns, give everyone a hour to look at them, and get the unknowns in.  With raindrops falling by the last unknown pilot, the decision was made to start packing up before it got bad, and we called it a contest.

We saw some new faces in Basic and Interemediate, with Chuck Zara in Intermediate and Dan Burhnam in Basic.  They are interested in helping us find contest venues in Pennsylvania, so we're wishing them luck, and hope that we get the opportunity to expand the Northeast calendar in the future.

Although it was only 1 day, everyone enjoyed themselves, and we missed our brethren that opted out at the last minute.  Bottom line is, don't pull out of an IMAC contest or weather until the raindrops are falling on your head!