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IMAC Grand Modèle Surin(2 unknowns)


Saturday, 06/15/2019 - Sunday, 06/16/2019


The Scale Model IMAC France season in full swing, the pilots of this weekend had
rendezvous within the infrastructure of the beautiful club Surin (86).
Saturday begins with a gray and cool weather. 18 drivers are at the rendezvous. The
Basic opens the ball followed by the first programs known for all other categories.
The day saw a total of two known programs, one unknown and one free in music,
despite a sustained wind in the afternoon.
On Saturday evening the entire team of Sud Vienne Aeromodelism had put the dishes
in the big for an excellent meal where the atmosphere was set, all starting with the
induction of pilots and judges came for the first time.
Sunday morning awakening under a beautiful sun (whatever surely foggy for some)
flights of flights resume for a known, an unknown and a free music in a heat
Will follow the award ceremony and for each return to his region ....
We must thank the judges Alain Detry Stéphane Dié Patrick Chaduteau, and a trainee
judge Christelle Bronnec, who are essential to the smooth running of these
Of course we must congratulate the flawless organization of the whole club Sud Vienne
Aeromodelism under the leadership of the family Pinaud who received us in a manner
and conviviality exemplary. Thanks to them and hope that all their future projects, in
their different organizations, will be filled with success.
Next competition Pau the weekend of June 30 and there are some places for
IMAC France

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Overall, there were 17 pilots flying in the SURIN AVGM 2019 contest. In no particular order they were: CARRY Cyrille, COUCHAUX Philippe, DUMAS Christophe, FRADET Fabien, GIACHETTO Paul , GLORY Mathieu, HEMON Olivier, HERKELMANN Christophe, LE VEE Patrice, LE VEE Yanis, PIETU Stéphane, PINAUD Sébastien, PROSDOCIMO Christophe, PROSDOCIMO Valentin, RIGODANZO Matthieu, RINGUET Jean-Pierre and UZAN Nicolas. These pilots flew a grand total of 282 judged sequences.

DUMAS Christophe won the Basic class. There were 2 pilots in Basic. The winning order was: (1) DUMAS Christophe and (2) GIACHETTO Paul . They flew 5 known sequences (3 rounds). The scores ranged from a low of 971.2 to a high of 1,000 (a range of 28.8 points).

UZAN Nicolas won the Sportsman class. There were 4 pilots in Sportsman. The winning order was: (1) UZAN Nicolas, (2) COUCHAUX Philippe, (3) RINGUET Jean-Pierre and (4) PROSDOCIMO Valentin. They flew 3 known sequences (2 rounds) and 2 unknown rounds. The scores ranged from a low of 975.4 to a high of 1,000 (a range of 24.6 points).

LE VEE Yanis won the Intermediate class. There were 6 pilots in Intermediate. The winning order was: (1) LE VEE Yanis, (2) GLORY Mathieu, (3) PROSDOCIMO Christophe, (4) HEMON Olivier, (5) LE VEE Patrice and (6) PINAUD Sébastien. They flew 3 known sequences (2 rounds) and 2 unknown rounds. The scores ranged from a low of 925.6 to a high of 1,000 (a range of 74.4 points).

PIETU Stéphane won the Advanced class. There were 3 pilots in Advanced. The winning order was: (1) PIETU Stéphane, (2) CARRY Cyrille and (3) RIGODANZO Matthieu. They flew 3 known sequences (2 rounds) and 2 unknown rounds. The scores ranged from a low of 748 to a high of 1,000 (a range of 252 points).

FRADET Fabien won the Unlimited class. There was 1 pilot in Unlimited. The winning order was: (1) FRADET Fabien. He flew 3 known sequences (2 rounds) and 2 unknown rounds.

FRADET Fabien won the Freestyle class. There were 7 pilots in Freestyle. The winning order was: (1) FRADET Fabien, (2) LE VEE Yanis, (3) PINAUD Sébastien, (4) PIETU Stéphane, (5) HEMON Olivier, (6) RIGODANZO Matthieu and (7) CARRY Cyrille. They flew 2 freestyle rounds. The scores ranged from a low of 682.5 to a high of 1,000 (a range of 317.5 points).

The tightest competition was for 1st place in the Intermediate class, with only 4 points difference between LE VEE Yanis and GLORY Mathieu.

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