IMAC Advertising Program
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Our goal is to provide a low cost, high response platform to get your message to the right audience. As the #1 web presence for Scale Aerobatic competitions in the world, IMAC's website allows you to reach a select group of leading edge builders and pilots. The IMAC website is control central for the scale aerobatic pilot as all IMAC contests throughout the world are maintained through this site.

As an IMAC advertiser you get complete control of your advertising message including:

Our ad control portal

You are in control of your message - 7/24. You can pause an ad, change/update an ad, or put more ads to work for you.

Ad geo-targeting

Our system allows you to GEOTARGET your ads so they are viewed only in certain geographical locations - country, states, or cites! Focuses your advertising on YOUR market area!

Wide range of statistics

See exactly how your ads are working! Amazing array of statistics that dice and slice your ads view to give you the most feedback ever!

Easy Payment system

You can use your PayPal account to automatically keep your ads paid up but you can cancel at any time! No minimums, no contracts, no fuss! Everything is completely under your control


Run of Site
$20Per Month
  • 180 x 150 size
  • jpg, png, gif
  • 100kb max
See Example


Run of Site
$30Per Month
  • 450 x 110 size
  • jpg, png, gif
  • 100kb max
See Example


Run of Site
$45Per Month
  • 950 x 75 size
  • jpg, png, gif
  • 100kb max
See Example


High Visibility!
$55 - 75Per Month
  • targets high traffic pages
  • limited slots available
  • Geo-Targeting available
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